1385 Aaron (Prince Thutmose) was born.
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The Torah states that Aaron was 3 years older than Moses.1 If Moses was born in , Aaron was born in , still within biological limits to at least embark on the Exodus at the age of 73, though he died shortly into the journey, at Mount Seir.2,3:4.7 At the other end of his lifespan, he couldn't have been born much before , if he was in fact the oldest son of Queen Tiye, who is believed to have been born in , and thus just 17 years old in , at the very beginning of her limits. This date is loosely consistent with Aaron coming 14 generations before Solomon,4 who was born .5:20 If Aaron was born in , that works out to 27.5 years per generation, which is realistic for male lineages in the upper class during this period.


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