1332 Tutankhamun became pharaoh.
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Tutankhamun (age 9) became pharaoh (born Tutankhaten). Ramose continued on as vizier or co-regent.
Jacob (age 18) was the younger twin of Esau, and thus not the heir apparent of Isaac, though he might have been granted titles on the northern frontier, while Esau had the commanding position at Mount Seir. But then Jacob moved to Mitanni in , where he would stay until . It's possible that the new regime in Egypt began a plan to abandon Amarna & exile the high priests, who would be granted land on the northern frontier, and Jacob was asked to vacate the territory so that the authority of the Levites would be unchallenged. Once on the Exodus, "God" granted the same territory to Moses and his people.1,2 In the conventional chronology, Moses was a descendant of Jacob, so this would have been a renewal of the same grant, while in the present thesis, the Patriarchs & the Levites were two different clans, and granting land to the one necessitated taking it away from the other.


1. Exodus 6:8 (P)

2. Deuteronomy 1:8 (D1)

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