Milestones in the Life of Ra'Moses-Otni'el-Hermes
© Charles Chandler
age description
1382 0 born Ramose, the son of the mayor of Memphis
1366 16 appointed tutor to Akhenaten
1362 20 married the daughter of the commander of the chariotry
1358 24 became the mayor of Thebes
1356 26 became a junior vizier to Amenhotep III
1352 30 changed his name to Mose, because "Ra" was pagan in Atenism
1348 34 moved to Amarna, became senior vizier, and commander-in-chief of army
1340 42 fled Egypt after killing someone (KV35YL?) who was beating a slave
1339 43 married Zipporah, who bore for him two sons, Gershom & Eliezer
1336 46 returned to Egypt to become co-regent with Smenkhare
1336 46 on the way, circumcised Gershom to prove the family's loyalty to Egypt
1332 50 continued on as co-regent with Tutankhamun
1330 52 demoted to junior vizier when Horemheb became the senior vizier
1329 53 moved to Moab with 70 Atenist priests when Tut abandoned Amarna
1329 53 changed his name to Otni'El and assumed the position of judge
1322 59 married Ankhesenamun after Tutankhamun died
1313 69 returned to Egypt again, this time to negotiate the release of his followers
1312 70 led his followers to Moab in the "Main Exodus"
1308 74 gave the Book of the Law (Deuteronomy) to his followers
1306 76 died in Moab, to be succeeded by Eglon

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