Aether Team Workspace
Welcome, Everyone (from Lloyd).
- Charles is getting this site fairly well organized and is open to anyone's suggestions for making it better. The Suggestion Box is a good place to do that. Here's the link: Mention Problems and Suggestions to Improve This Website
- Sebastian can probably be the Ether group administrator. So far we have on this site the Robert Distinti Ethereal Mechanics and Brant, who favors the Correa's' Aetherometry. Miles Mathis model is similar, but has a separate team. The Distinti and Correa's groups can divide into separate teams or work together or maybe both.
- My plans with this group are to invite others to join, make a questionnaire for this team, and then start discussing ideas with the team members. We can use the team chat room, if that's convenient enough. Or we can consider other options. RSVP!
Here are articles that team members are working on:

For non-members...

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