Anomalies and Paradoxes of CE
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Highlights of Robert Distinti's Anomalies and Paradoxes of CE at http://www.distinti.com/docs/apoce.pdf
_Classical Electromagnetism predicts electromagnetic "Hot Spots" at the corners of rectangular loops.
_These Hot Spots are not seen in the lab, nor are they predicted by New Electromagnetism.
_This anomaly enabled us [to] prove that magnetic fields must be spherical.
_As such, the classical models do not predict reception off the ends of a dipole antenna.
_In fact, without longitudinal waves, the classical models are not even close to the measured radiation patterns.
_The reader will note that the results of New Induction are much more precise than the predictions made with classical electromagnetic models which do not predict reception off the ends of the source.
_The reason is that the classical models do not predict magnetic effects in the longitudinal direction because the Biot-Savart field model of magnetism is a transverse only model.
_New Induction and New Magnetism are spherical magnetic field models which readily predict transmission off the ends of a dipole antenna.
_The techniques released in this book can be adapted to a wide range of technological development; enabling the engineer, scientist and inventor to exploit realms of innovation that are oblivious to classical theory and techniques.
_Figure 9-1: Faraday's homo-polar generator
_The Galvanometer enables the operator to detect radial current generated in the disk
_(An indication that power is being generated).
_In order to reconcile the observations of the HPG with classical electromagnetism we must conclude that the flux lines are stationary regardless of the motion of the magnet.
_New Magnetism shows that Einstein is correct; the flux lines are in motion when the magnet is rotated.
_10. Longitudinal Waves
_The answer is that classical electromagnetism views magnetism as a transverse only field phenomenon.
_New Electromagnetism (specifically New Induction and New Magnetism) reveal that magnetism is a spherical field phenomenon.
_This spherical field model readily predicts wave propagation in both longitudinal and transverse modes.
_This is why New Electromagnetism more accurately predicts dipole antenna radiation patterns which show significant energy in the longitudinal direction; whereas, classical theory does not (see Section 8).
_In a future text devoted to advanced wave mechanics, we will show that it is impossible to have transverse propagation without longitudinal propagation.
_This new model (abstraction) for ether satisfies both the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment as well as the precepts of Einstein's Relativity.
_This new abstraction for free space enables us to show that gravity, inertia and New Induction are all one and the same.
_From this same abstraction, time dilation and the black hole equations are derived completely from New Electromagnetism.
_Faster than light starships are discussed in the conclusion of the paper.
_Prior to developing New Electromagnetism, we helped institutions, corporations, and even inventors apply classical electromagnetic theory.
_Needles to say, New Electromagnetism allows an engineer to determine the effect of one charge on another without the need to understand field theory.
_This is due to the fact that New Electromagnetism resolves all interactions to one charge on another.
_Jorge's paper shows that conservation of energy techniques explain that a back torque must exist in a Homopolar generator when the magnet and disk move together; however, classical physics fails to explain how and where the force manifests itself.
_In his [Maxwell's] thought experiment, the current that couples through a capacitor (the displacement current) must generate a magnetic flux.
_Since there is allegedly no charge distribution in free space, there can be no displacement effect to explain the propagation of light; consequently, since the displacement effect is due to Coulomb forces, then the propagation of light must not have an electric field component.
_New Electromagnetism (see NIA1) shows that Electromagnetic wave propagation is purely a magnetic effect.
_New Electromagnetism gives accurate antennae radiation pattern prediction[s] which is not the case with Maxwell's UPWE which requires an electric field to explain propagation.
_We propose a new experiment to measure the magnetic field contribution of a changing electric field.
_We know that light conveys energy; otherwise, solar cells would not work.
_According to Maxwell's Uniform Plane Wave Equation (UPWE) light is propagated as self sustaining electric and magnetic fields.
_In our paper New Induction (ni.pdf) we show quite exhaustively that an electric field stores potential energy and a magnetic field stores kinetic energy.
_However, without charge, it is impossible to convert kinetic energy to potential energy and visa-versa.
_Anyone who remembers the classical definitions of energy stored in a magnetic or electric field, understands that the definitions are meaningless without the presence of charge.
_Since energy can couple from one circuit to another across space through a purely capacitive or inductive interface, then light must either be purely a magnetic or electric field effect.
_New Electromagnetism (See NIA1) shows a model for electromagnetic propagation which is purely magnetic.
_16. The Paradox #2 Generator
_This DC output of this generator is not predicted by classical magnetic theory; hence the name Paradox generator.
_The well known equation B v F × = Q actually conceals a number of secrets about magnetism.
_One secret reveals that there does NOT have to be relative motion between a charge and a magnetic field to produce a force.
_Another secret reveals that the notion of a static magnetic field is a contradiction in terms; there can be no such construct.
_These secrets are demonstrated by three well known experiments.
_In that mode, the disk and the magnet rotate together and paradoxically, power is developed.
_This paper shows that there is no requirement for relative motion in order for power to be developed; as such, there is no longer a paradox with respect to the Homopolar Generator.
_Finally, the concepts of "cutting flux lines" and "linking flux lines" become moot when the "B" field abstraction becomes obsolete.

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