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Reality is like Reality TV
(but sometimes without the TV)
Many scientists these days think of reality in very abstract mathematical terms. We, on the other hand, think in physical terms, and we are attempting to solve outstanding scientific puzzles using well known physical laws.
This is not to say that we intend to constrain ourselves to anything conventional. In no sense are we convinced that all possible discoveries have already been made. There could be particles, forces, and/or forms of energy that have thus far eluded detection. We simply believe that before we conclude that something new has been discovered, and especially before we conclude that the problem simply cannot be solved with physical reasoning, due diligence requires that we exhaust the known mechanisms. If the problem still cannot be solved, something new has been discovered, which is more than any mathematician could ever say. So the Physical Sciences Team is dedicated to finding and advancing theories based entirely on provable laboratory physics. We leave the abstractions up to science fiction writers.


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