New Gravity
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If I get time to see more of RD's evidence for the following statements I plan then to revise the following evaluations upward.

WA = Weak Arguments
WA1_ 1) Inertia is represented as an electromagnetic phenomenon of massless charge particles.
WA2_ 2) The New Electromagnetic representation of matter (BMP) collapses when it travels faster than the speed of light (page 19).
WA2_ Near black holes, light is bent in the direction toward the black hole.
WA2_ 4) depletion causes ether to accelerate toward the center of depletion.
WA2_ According to the above equation, there are two factors that affect the amount of time dilation experienced at a given distance r from the massive body.
WA2_ The first occurs from the fact that the velocity of ether increases as the distance r decreases.
WA2_ Secondly, since the density of ether decreases as r decreases, then the velocity of light ( C) also decreases.
WA2_ This shows that there are two components to time.
WA2_ For the positive mass model, if the velocity of the charges in the system exceeds C with respect to the ether, then the system will collapse to a "singularity".
WA3_ The new model for ether shows that the force known as gravity may in fact be electromagnetic induction.
WA3_ 3) The Schwarzschild radius 2 2 C M K r G = that describes the radius at which a star collapses into a black hole.
WA3_ ether [] it is accelerating toward the Earth symmetrically in all directions, [] it annihilates with the matter of the Earth, releasing energy.
WA3_ This release of energy may be part of the cause of radioactive decay and/or part of the explanation of why the core of the Earth is still molten.
WA3_ The force of gravity is transmitted by ether particles accelerating relative to matter, not by ethereal particles actually colliding with and making contact with matter.
WA3_ Although time hasn't stopped, the rate at which this system used to perform its cyclical functions has ceased; thereby giving the appearance of being frozen in time.
WA3_ Because the mechanism that governs this speed limit is proposed to be electromagnetic in nature, it may be possible to construct a starship that "drags" the ether along with it, thereby eliminating the speed limit and the problem of inertia.
WA3_ The passengers of such a ship will be able to travel to the stars at any velocity and will not feel the effects of acceleration or time dilation.
WA3_ A ship that could manipulate ether in such a way could also produce a region of accelerating ether within the ship to provide an artificial gravity for the comfort of the passengers.
WA4_ 3) Massive objects consume (annihilate) ether causing a depletion of ether.
WA4_ The probability of contact between matter and ether is very small and releases a certain amount of energy.
WA4_ Electromagnetic induction is responsible for Inertia (as shown in the paper titled "New Electromagnetism") and is shown here that it is also the mechanism of gravity.
WA4_ These regions would necessarily conduct light faster than it does here on Earth.
WA4_ the speed of light (relative to the ether) is the fastest velocity that this system can achieve before it becomes unstable and collapses.
WA4_ An interesting thing occurs when the binary model attains the speed of light (relative to the ether); it stops spinning.
WA4_ Because this system is no longer spinning, it no longer produces a magnetic moment and other such processes that matter performs (material processes) as a result of its spinning.

SA = Strong Arguments
SA5_ A logical guess would propose that the density of ether increases toward the edges of the universe.
SA6_ This paper shows that there may exist a model for the "Luminiferous Ether" that satisfies both the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment and the predictions of Relativity.
SA6_ 3) The mass (or inertia) of an electron is derived from New Electromagnetism.
SA6_ By extending the logic of Einstein's Principle of Equivalence to the next threshold, a model for ether that satisfies the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment is realized.
SA6_ space is accelerating toward the Earth symmetrically in all direction[s]?
SA6_ According to the New Electromagnetic models, the relative motion (specifically acceleration) between ether and matter is the mechanism of both inertia and gravity.
SA6_ Logically then, the ether about the Earth is less dense near sea level that it is at the top of a mountain.
SA6_ This suggests that light travels faster at the top of a mountain than at sea level.
SA7_ If the ether is compressible then ether can not be of uniform density throughout the universe.
SA7_ This means that there may be regions where the ether is denser than here on Earth.

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