QDL has powerful features for workgroups. For example, you can create a group including all of the people who will be working together on one or more projects, and then you can create a workgroup folder for the associated documents, which only the group members can see. Members can restrict private messaging just to members of the group (if they get too many messages from people outside of the group). And you can set up a community calendar that only the group can see, so that you can create group events (e.g., meetings).
The first step is to set up a user group. You can come back later and add the members. (See Groups for more info.)
Next, you'll want to designate the working folder for the group.
  1. Go to your Sandbox.
  2. Click the Add Comment button.
  3. Enter a title for the workgroup folder.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Click the Action Menu icon (), and next to the Metadata option (), click edit.
  6. In the Rights section, grant at least adder rights to the group.
  7. Click Submit.
Now, all of the members of the group will have rights to that post, and the group rights will be inherited by any new sub-posts created under it.
Advanced users might also want to set up one or more Prototypes.
To organize community events (e.g., meetings), you'll want to set up a community calendar.
Some organizations might want to create a team page (in the QDL / Teams folder). See the instructions there for more info.
Once you have created all of the structure, there are a number of things that each member has to do, in order to use that structure. The recommended practice is to write up the instructions in a document inside the workgroup folder, and then send a private message to new members containing a link to the instructions. That way, if the instructions change, you can just edit that document and send a new PM, instead of having to create a whole new PM. Here's a sample set of instructions, which you can copy-and-paste into your own instructions. Note that when you click the links to personal folders (e.g., Sandbox, Groups / Private, Calendar / Categories), you go to your folders, but when the recipients click these links, they'll go to their folders.
Now you just have to send a private message to the members.
  1. Go to QDL / My... / Messages / Drafts.
  2. Click the Draft button.
  3. Paste a link to the instructions into the PM.
  4. Click the Recipients button, and select the individuals in the group as recipients of the PM. (Note that you can't PM a group, so you have to individually specify the members.)
  5. Click Done to finish selecting recipients.
  6. Click Send.
After sending the initial PM to all of the members in the group, if you add a new member, re-send the PM to the new member.

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