Science Improvement Team Space (SITS)
Mission Statement
This team is dedicated to the betterment of humankind through the improvement of science, in process and in product. We believe that there are problems with prerogatives and priorities in the professional scientific community; we believe that citizen scientists can get past some of those problems; and we believe that online collaboration creates exciting possibilities for people who never would have met otherwise, but who share the same vision of a better world. So we're working on new scientific theories, new protocols for team efforts, and new technologies for working online. And we're having a blast, because the tools are really powerful, scientific advances are really cool, and exchanging ideas with like minds is a joy. So welcome to our world, and we hope that you are inspired by our work!

Here we debated the problems and opportunities in modern science.

These are the protocols that we developed for scientific collaboration.

Lloyd has created a lot of material, though it's a little less structured.

Here are the prototypes used to control rights for admin-owned folders:

For non-members...

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