5/25 Chat Record
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Chat Record
L = Lloyd; S = Sebastian; A = Armand (Bill); C = Chromium6 (Tom); M = Michael A

NPA Conference
L: Sebastian, NPA has a conference in MD every year, I think. There are a lot of aether supporters there. Robert or his supporters could attend and network. 1:13 PM
S: The npa site doesn't work for me. Is this the right address: http://www.worldnpa.org 1:16 PM
L: Yes, that's the web address and it's not working for me either now. They must be working on it, or having problems. 1:17 PM
L: Hey, Bill, do you want to attend the NPA conference in Maryland? 2:19 PM
A: I could try. When is it. 2:20 PM
L: It should be in June or July I think. 2:20 PM
L: I'm trying to see if the site is up yet. It wasn't accessible a while ago., 2:21 PM
A: Maryland is not that far from NC. Sounds like a plan... 2:22 PM
L: Here's the NPA link that Sebastian posted earlier: http://www.worldnpa.org - I lost the first few minutes of our chat. This chat room doesn't save beyond a certain amount. 2:27 PM

Ancient Plasma Tube
L: Bill, do you have plans and a goal? 1:55 PM
L: Like do you want to make a device for healing? Or some kind of tech? Using ancient knowledge? 1:57 PM
A: Lloyd, sure, I would like to pick up the work where Kismet and I left off. 1:59 PM
L: If you form a team, the team could help decide the goal and plans, or you could specify your plans and goal and then form a team around them. 2:00 PM
A: That would be great, but I don't even know where to start. 2:02 PM
L: Bill, no need to decide anything now. Just think about it. 2:03 PM
L: Bill, what would be the price of parts to make the plasma tube? 1:14 PM
A: The mercury tubes were pricey.. about $400 buck a pop... 1:15 PM
A: The high voltage power supply was about the same... 1:15 PM
A: Thro[w] in assorted wires, copper foil and plastic parts - I am looking at build[ing] one for about $1,200. 1:16 PM
A: Of course, it depends on how big you what to build it too... ours was abut 2 feet long... 1:18 PM
S: What does the plasma tube do? 1:18 PM
L: Well, Bill, that's not bad for price. 1:18 PM
A: My understanding of the Egyptian Light bulb is that it is a model of the sun. And that it can link with the Sun and channel or draw down life force energy from the Sun. 1:20 PM
L: Tom, did you read Armand's thread on Thunderbolts? 1:20 PM
L: Ancient Egyptian plasma tube tech? 1:21 PM
C: Was much impressed with Armand's work. 1:21 PM
A: Thank you Tom... 1:21 PM
C: Yes I would think that is possible 1:21 PM
L: To answer Sebastian, Bill replicated an ancient plasma tube. 1:21 PM
L: Tom, do you have interest in aether theory? And have you seen any of Robert Distinti's Youtube videos? 1:23 PM
C: I did see Distiniti's videos. Looks like he has some excellent perceptions. Can't say I took notes on it. I do think he sees the structures we are trying to work with outside of traditional descriptions 1:24 PM
L: You guys, Tom is a Miles Mathis fan, at least somewhat. Right? 1:24 PM
C: Yes, that's right. I'm pretty much hanging my "hat" on Mathis. 1:24 PM
L: I think Robert's and Miles' findings can compliment each other quite a bit. Do You? 1:25 PM
C: I do and agree. 1:25 PM
A: Boy, do I have my homework cut out for me... Great stuff... 1:25 PM
L: Sebastian, do you want to give Tom any suggestions? I'll copy your forum addresss again. 1:26 PM
S: Hi Tom, watch every video on robert's youtube channel. When you are done, start over for a second time. I still learn something new every time. 1:28 PM
L: Tom, here's the forum URL: http://www.etherealmechanics.info 1:27 PM
C: thx 1:27 PM
S: https://www.youtube.com/user/rdistinti 1:28 PM
L: The videos are listed on the above forum too. 1:29 PM
C: I'm trying to formulate an idea of the plasma tube generator as a device to focus charge 1:26 PM
L: Tom, focus charge to do what? 1:27 PM
C: Well, as best I understand it. If an Ion field could be tapped from either the Earth's charge recycling or from a capacitor/battery 1:28 PM
C: and directed in a device to focus the charge. It could become like an ion gun so to speak. 1:29 PM
A: I think the Egyptian bulb is a good example of this - with its Birkland Current, Z-pinch and Plasmiod head... 1:29 PM
C: If shot on to a gas. yes. 1:29 PM
C: Trying to think of what would be "brought-in" and what would not [in] terms of "charge". 1:30 PM
C: Earth charge, elements, Capacitor, etc. 1:30 PM
L: I guess one of Robert's most incredible ideas is that travel much faster than light speed is possible. 1:31 PM
C: Loyd is that from time dilation or changing the shape of a photon? 1:31 PM
C: or other? 1:32 PM
L: [I overlooked Tom's question.] Tom, would you tell us your occupation and main interests? You said you're around Houston, didn't you? 1:32 PM
C: That's right. I'm in IT and just spend a lot of time reading all types of things. I don't watch TV much. 1:32 PM
L: Sebastian helps build parts for wind turbines and Bill (Armand) I forgot what you said, Bill, software, I think. 1:32 PM
S: Bill, I just saw you[r] thread about the plasma tube on Thunderbolts forum. Do you think they used this to light the inside of the pyramids? I read somewhere that you can't light the inside of the pyramids with fire. The fire would consume the oxygen to[o] fast 1:32 PM
A: Sebastian, No, I think the illumination theory is a red-herring... These gadgets were healing devices. 1:34 PM
C: Mathis mentioned that a pyramid focuses his charge field in his pyramid paper. FWIW... 1:34 PM
L: The charge field being photons. 1:34 PM
C: Yes... 1:35 PM
A: I have been in the great pyramid many times (I got to turn the light on in it one morning). Cigarette lighters work fine in there. 1:35 PM
L: Bill, are you going to talk about this in your thread? About what the plasma tube was for and what your evidence might be? 1:36 PM
A: I mentioned it just today in reply to Solar's post. 1:37 PM
L: If a lighter would light the pyramid chambers, then the plasma tube ought to do it too. 1:37 PM
S: But what happens if you put a lot of torches inside, wouldn't that consume all of the oxygen? 1:37 PM
A: Well, the snake tube is a really bad light source. It bearly lights the room at all... 1:38 PM
A: Don't get me wrong, the air is pretty stale inside the great pyramid. And I would not want to be in there during a fire. 1:39 PM
C: One thing I'd like to see you try with your Mercury Gas lamp is applying an ELF wave to it with the Plasma bulb lit. 1:38 PM
C: Fran De Aquino had an experiment with an Hg Gas Plama lamp and an ELF wave generator. 1:39 PM
L: Tom, Bill said he doesn't have the equipment now, but could build it for about $1200. 1:39 PM
C: I see cool. 1:40 PM
L: If enough of us agree that it should be rebuilt, we could chip in for it. 1:41 PM
C: I don't know if something could be bought on Ebay for $300+ or so. 1:41 PM
C: used and all 1:41 PM
A: Tom, I believe that is what the Djed pillar did. I believe it created Lower Hybird Plasma Waves that formed the eye in the plamoid (snake head). It is that eye (cavitation bubble) that models the sun. 1:41 PM
C: I see. I know the cavitation is usually very small. 1:42 PM
L: That's your theory, Bill, whereas the other theories I like don't say that, at least not quite. They just say [the Sun is] electrical. 1:42 PM
L: Not a plasmoid. 1:42 PM
A: The djed work was our next step... 1:43 PM
C: Is the djed a device that radiates? Like a harmonic radiation (sound) or Waves? 1:43 PM
A: I believe so. 1:44 PM
C: or electricity 1:44 PM
C: I know the Egyptians were masters of sound 1:44 PM
A: Very true. 1:44 PM
C: Egyptian language and (Hebrew/Sanskrit) 1:45 PM
C: The Egyptian Heiroglpyics and I think Hebrew and Sanskrit letters were formed from blowing dust on a flat stone after speaking the phoneme or letter. I read this somewhere . 1:46 PM
S: Sure, maybe I can create a new forum category [for chats]. 1:47 PM
C: If they knew how to charge a plasma bulb... would they know how to charge a Plasma dust cloud? 1:47 PM
C: Does the snake eye sparkle? 1:48 PM
A: At this time, no - we did not get to the djed work before disbanding... 1:49 PM
C: Thanks Armand. 1:49 PM
A: But sitting underneath the plasmoid is a very interesting experience... 1:50 PM
C: What matches today with what is described about the djed? 1:50 PM
C: It kind of looks like Capacitor from surface looks. 1:51 PM
C: Or perhaps a Tesla coil? Sorry If I'm asking too many questions. 1:52 PM
A: No problem. Good questions. 1:53 PM
A: I just picked up a clue from an Egyptologist (Frand D) that has shed some light on the djed - he reports that it creates and stabilizes the sun. 1:52 PM
C: and the Sun would be a local glow or the big sun above? hmm... 1:53 PM
C: like at the top of a temple? 1:53 PM
A: No, the sun is the eye in the plasma snakes head. 1:54 PM
C: ahh... okay interesting. 1:57 PM
A: My current djed theory is that the rings are coils that are magnetically coupled to a big coil in the stand, that gets it[s] power from between the lotus flower wire and the hands holding up the tube. It causes the rings to vibrate, making the lower hybrid plasma wave in the snake. (that was a mouth full). 1:58 PM
C: Armand you ever hear of John Hutchison? 2:03 PM
A: Hutchison, sure... 2:03 PM
C: I think a few years back he was trying to build his own Dendara Snake Light. 2:04 PM
C: and his own Ark of the Covenant (figuratively). 2:04 PM
A: I had not heard that. I am looking forward to others reproducing the plasma snake. 2:05 PM
A: That is why I posted. 2:05 PM
C: I don't know how far he got with it or how worthwhile it would be to sift through things to find something of value. 2:05 PM
C: Well, I'm looking to get a lab to build things with. 2:06 PM
C: I'll try your experiment when readied. 2:06 PM
C: with photos and all. [wink] 2:06 PM
A: Me too. That would be great Tom... 2:06 PM
C: This thread has a mix of things: http://www.auricmedia.net/forbidden-technology-part-v-hutchison-effect-and-ark-of-the-covenant 2:07 PM
C: This link may be easier to read: http://montalk.net/gnosis/184/ark-of-the-covenant 2:09 PM
C: Do you think the Djed pillar may have been planted deep into the ground? 2:10 PM
C: Like 10s of feet? May 25
C: It may have been able to touch a ground energy flow if so. 2:11 PM
A: I don't think so. You can see some that are held up and others that show what is going on underneath. I think the energy they work with (life force energy) is magnetic in nature. 2:13 PM
C: Okay 2:13 PM
C: When I get the lab this is another thing I plan on building: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_battery 2:13 PM
L: Tom, do you want to make a Tesla tower like the one in Colorado Springs that made wireless current that powered a motor and light bulbs 26 miles away? May 25
C: I remember they had to be big to work. I'd like to experiment on smaller versions (models). 2:14 PM
A: I think that is what the djed pillar is - a Wardencliff Tower... 2:14 PM
A: Of sorts... 2:14 PM
C: I could definitely see that. 2:15 PM
L: Robert Distinti made a bunch of promises about what could be done with his findings. I'm reading up on that so I can get his main points in writing. 2:16 PM
C: The question comes to mind is what would be the most efficient way to build one using "charge" field theory? 2:16 PM
C: ala Mathis/Distinti/others 2:16 PM
C: http://milesmathis.com/pyramid.html 2:18 PM
L: Combining Mathis and Distinti ideas may prove very enlightening. 2:17 PM
C: I think you are right Lloyd. 2:19 PM
A: I have a spirit guide - his name is Cashus (he is a Sirian Giant) (crazy, I know)... - But he told me early on that the djed is the power source and the isis knot is the receiver. That i[t] made the isis knot top hot and bottom cold - and the knot in the middle was a bifiller (two metal) wire that turned the temperature difference into electricity. I have not duplicatied that yet. 2:19 PM
C: interesting. 2:20 PM
C: If I come across any experiment or paper that relates something similar to your vision Armand I'll post it to you first over at Thunderbolts 2:24 PM
C: I bet there is something out there that may be a matter of finding that could give a few more clues. 2:25 PM
A: Tom, have you ever worked with a caduceus coil? 2:23 PM
C: no I haven't Armand. 2:26 PM
C: I've seen them in papers. 2:26 PM
A: It is the double snake symbol of the medical profession... 2:26 PM
C: I see 2:28 PM
C: I know they can be used for electrical properties. 2:29 PM
C: From Herodotus: After laying the stones for the base, they raised the remaining stones to their places by means of machines formed of short wooden planks. The first machine raised them from the ground to the top of the first step. On this there was another machine, which received the stone upon its arrival, and conveyed it to the second step, whence a third machine advanced it still higher. Either they had as many machines as there were steps in the pyramid, or possibly they had but a single machine, which, being easily moved, was transferred from tier to tier as the stone rose - both accounts are given, and therefore I mention both. 2:31 PM
C: http://www.world-mysteries.com/mpl_2_1.htm 2:31 PM
A: Back in 1991 I read in a book (The Awesome Life Force) about it. It said if you power the coil with a pulsed DC, that it woud grow 10 times in size and levitate off the table. 2:32 PM
C: I don't want to take things to[o] far into the estoteric. May 25
A: The caduceus coil that is. 2:32 PM
C: ah... okay. 2:33 PM
A: So I built one - it did not levitate. 2:33 PM
A: But 2:33 PM
A: A caduceus coil is a dead short electrically, and the battery I was using was getting hot, so I put it in a bowl of ice. 2:34 PM
A: I ran the thing for about 10 minutes. My eyes started to dry up and the hairs on my arms rose. 2:35 PM
A: So I turned it off. I noticed 3 things. 2:35 PM
C: lol... cool. 2:35 PM
A: 1) all the tools on the table were magnetized - you could pick up the screw driver with the pliers - they are still magnetized to th[is] very day. 2:36 PM
C: wow... neat! 2:37 PM
A: 2) I had a metal ruler perpendicular to the coil on the table - it was magnetized such that if you ran a compass along its lenght the compass spun. north south north south... 2:37 PM
A: 3) I did not notice until I went to work the next morning - one of my coworkers looked at me and said, 'Bill, you got some sun yesterday'. 2:38 PM
A: I went into the bathroom and sure enough I had a sun burn from the neck up... 2:39 PM
C: interesting. Reminds me... of this guy's machine. I can't vouch for it but he reports some of the same effects you had A: http://www.rexresearch.com/wells/wells.htm 2:39 PM
C: with the same low-tech with high effects 2:39 PM
A: I will have to take a look. 2:40 PM
C: he also reported sunburns with his machine? Perhaps a charge channelling device? 2:40 PM
A: My understanding is that the caduceus coil creates bucking magnetic fields and that these fields create magnetic bubbles that froth out (like bubbles in a blender). 2:41 PM
A: Anyway, at the time I was clueless, so I never repeated the experiment again... 2:42 PM
C: Some of these stories need to be revisted in terms of the Charge Field. 2:43 PM
S: See you was very interesting! 2:46 PM
M: May 26: Michael A: I am brand new to this Forum. My study/theoretic model is based on a concept of Cosmic origins as the proper approach to Cosmology, rather than present models based on earthbound quantum empiricism . -I'm not sure yet how the Forum works, and will hold off on further comments until I have more familiarity

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