Introduction: Ethereal Mechanics
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This is a short introduction to the ethereal mechanics models/theories of Robert Distinti. It is meant to give you a first impression what the ethereal mechanics theory is all about.

For more details you can watch Robert's videos on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/rdistinti

I will try to post links to the videos where you can find more info.


Note: To distinguish his ether model from the old aether models, Robert decided to call his theory Ethereal Mechanics (without the "A"). 

But these are just names, I would have called it "Dark Ether", so it would be accepted just like Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Dark Flow... ;-)


1. Quick review of "Old Aether Theories"

In the past scientist noticed light can behave just like sound and water waves. If light is a wave what is the medium propagating the wave. It can't be air because light travels also through the absolute vacuum. But what is the medium for light? It has to be everywhere even in the vacuum in space. But it can't be solid, because then we should have notice it in every movement we make. So the conclusion it has to be like a thin gas lead to the name "Aether".

The next step to test the theory was in measuring the ather. Since it was believed that the substance is stationary in the universe we should be able to measure earth's speed relative to the aether. In the famous michelson-moorley experiment it was tried to measure the different light speeds because of the aether-wind on earth. The result was that they couldn't measure the aether. This null result lead to new theories like the aether drag theory. Since no relative motion of the aether could be measure, it was assumed that the earth drags the aether so there is no relative motion on the surface of earth.

The aether drag models solved the measurement problems but created other problems. Because the light speed is so much faster than the speed of sound, it was guessed that the density and elasticity of the medium must be several thousand times higher than steel. Then how should it be possible for planets like earth to drag the dense and strong aether without losing velocity?

Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity made an aether obsolete. The light speed is constant in all reference frames, there is no absolute motion relative to space and electromagnetic wave do propagate in absolute vacuum. It seemed that aether was disproven just because it could not be measured. 


Robert's explanation why ether could not be measured:

emv046: Michelson-Morley and the absolute reference frame: http://youtu.be/2bj4wUPegxM


Why does a medium for light has to exist:

emV004/Light 3/Comparision of Wave models: http://youtu.be/MUhw92_jKJ4


2. Robert Distinti's Ether Model

According to Robert's ethereal mechanics, everything is made up of four different particles (called "Tons"). There is a positive and negative preton and also a positve and negative ethon. The pretons form the solid matter we see around us. The ether consist of high amounts of positive and negative ethons. 

emv033: Ethons http://youtu.be/JForDy-xi4U

emV034: Pretons, The precursor of matter http://youtu.be/fHzUs4xzEkY

According to Robert's ethereal mechanics matter must consume ether to be stable. If the ether consumption of an atom is higher than the supply rate, then the atom is unstable and will decay.

emV021: New Ether Part 2: Matter must consume energy to exist http://youtu.be/NTpytbccqgs


The density, motion and acceleration of the ether (ethons) create different effects on "normal" particles (pretons).

But first let us talk about gravity. So what is gravity, what is the cause and how does it work?


   Cause: Because Earth consumes ether it is flowing and accelerating: emV035: Electrogravity: http://youtu.be/OMkrF6YKcUs

   Effect: Gravity is the acceleration of the ether. emv037: Electrogravity Part 2: http://youtu.be/7quXzF6kdK4

The acceleration of the ether causes electromagnetic induction on the Pretons. This is the link between electromagnetics and gravity.


The force on a Target Point Charge due to acceleration can be calculated with the following formula:

F = -Km * Qs * Qt * as / |r|

F= Force on the Target; Km = Magnetic Field Constant; Qs = Source Point Charge; Qt = Target Point Charge; as = Acceleration of the Source; |r| = Magnitude Distance of the Point Charges

In the next it is shown how Robert found his equation for New Induction and New Gravity:

emV018: New Electromagnetism V3/V4: http://youtu.be/8Txd4G92Eno


To be continued...

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