Take Survey
In QDL, you can easily set up a simple survey with multiple-choice answers to questions.
To set up a survey:
  • Create a new blank document.
    • Go to your Sandbox.
    • Click the Action Menu icon (), and select the New Inside option ().
    • Enter a title.
    • Create a numbered list with all of the questions.
    • Create the answers indented under the questions.
      • For mutually exclusive answers, use a numbered sub-list.
        • When taking the survey, another option is automatically added, named "none of the above", which users can select.
      • For "check all that apply" answers, use a bulleted sub-list.
      • To allow users to supply their own answers, add an answer named "other". When taking the survey, this enables a user to enter his/her own answer. The "other" option doesn't display when just viewing the survey — it only shows up when taking the survey. (Please note that using this feature forces QDL to only allow one person at a time to take the survey, since users might change the options. In the event that somebody else is taking the survey, the next user will see a notice to that effect, and will be told to wait a few minutes before trying again. For surveys to get taken by a lot of people, this might be inconvenient.)
    • Click Submit.
  • Set it to act like a survey.
    • Click the Action Menu icon (), and next to the Metadata option (), click edit.
    • In the Data Type section, set the "new post" button to Take Survey.
    • In the Rights section, assign adder rights to those who will be able to participate.
    • Click Submit.
  • Take the survey yourself, to make sure that it works.
    • Click the Take Survey button.
    • Make your selections.
    • Click Submit.
  • Paste a link to the survey into the target folder.
Surveys can be edited after the fact. To close the survey, just remove the adder rights.
Here's an example of a survey:
More elaborate data collection can be accomplished using Forms.

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