Workgroup Categories
Your QDL / My... / Calendar / Categories folder is only visible to you. For the people in a workgroup to use the same categories, such that their time will get summarized in the same place(s), somebody has to create a sub-folder for all of the categories to be used by the group, and send a PM to everybody in the group with a link to that folder, which they can copy-and-paste into their personal Categories folders. For example, somebody's folder structure might look like this:
  • QDL
    • My...
      • Calendar
        • Categories
          • My Personal Stuff
            • Lawn Maintenance
            • Bills & Budget Planning
            • Quality Time with Family
          • Workgroup Categories
            • Active Project 1
            • Active Project 2
            • Pending Projects
            • Archive of Completed Projects
The "Workgroup Categories" folder will have gotten there by pasting a link that was inside the PM sent by the person who set it up. Thereafter, if anybody adds a new project to the "Workgroup Categories" folder, it will be visible to everybody in that group.
The rights on these folders can be set, which can be useful in workgroups, to designate who gets which projects. For example, a manager might create an item for a new task (e.g., "Active Project 1"), and then set the rights so that only Sally can see it. When she is ready for something new to do, she creates an event, and browses the categories, where she'll see only tasks that have been assigned to her. Note that for somebody to be able to assign a category to an event, s/he has to have at least editor rights. So the manager who created the task will assign editor rights to Sally.

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