news : birth of new moon from saturns rings
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The idea that moonlets are created within plantary rings is a old one. But this might be the 1st direct evidence. In light of the electric universe model its more interesting.

Plantary rings are a special form of van allen belts, perhaps the most significant aspect is that they are much more powerful than Earth's van allen belts. This is how they hold matter and concentrate it. Once ionized hydrogen is captured, the ring then acts like a scaled up LHC ( we know van allen belts have masive voltages to accelerate particles to relativistic speeds thanks to the discoveries last year in Earth's van allen belts of vast arrays of electric double layers ) which can fuse hydrogen to make heavier atoms.

I like the planet rings are moonlet factories theory. Of course the electric universe version is a little different to the conventional theory.

In the electric universe, since the rings continue to gain hydrogen, the rings can continue to build moonlets so long as there's solar wind and enough

electric field. These conditions are met today so Saturn is probably as active now as thru most of its history in making moonlets.

Once moonlets have moved away from the rings they can continue to grow via the electric rings between them and their parent planet.


By occam's razor this theory of planet formation should trump any theory that requires different conditions than present solar system conditions, because we are not invoking any extra physics other than what we are observing today in the solar system. It relies less on unknown or untestable conditions.



( edit )  I could be jumping the gun here. Those picks of a bump in saturn's outer ring could be something other than a new moonlet ; an electrical disturbance like a discharge, NASA would not have considered that possibility.

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