Focus on CFDLs
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'13-12-13, 03:06
St. Louis area

Charles, I'm looking for a way to simplify the process of weeding out lower quality theories here. So I'm wondering if concentrating on CFDLs might help cut to the chase. Aren't most of those solar features results of CFDLs?

Any of the theories that claim that the surface of the Sun is shaped mainly by any force but the electric would be disproven on that point.

Any theory that depends on space being a resistor instead of a conductor may be disproven, esp. if evidence is found in a vacuum chamber, as we discussed before. I think I'll ask Brant if he can perform that experiment. Do you remember what your proposed setup was for how to test that exactly?

I think you proved that Scott's PNP model won't work.

Do you have specific suggestions for what else I can do here?

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