Internal Links
When editing one of your QDL posts, you can add links to other posts, just by pasting a QDL hyperlink into the text wherever you want it. Alternatively, some browsers allow you to drag-n-drop a link from another browser tab.
You can also cut, copy, and paste links from outside the editor.
  1. Navigate to the post that you want to link into one of yours.
  2. Click the Action Menu icon (), and select the Copy Link option ().
  3. Navigate to the post where you want the link to appear.
  4. Click the Action Menu icon (), and select the Paste Link option ().
This will paste a link at the end of your post. If you edit your post, you'll see that the link appears as normal hypertext.
Note that these two methods (i.e., copy-n-paste using keyboard shortcuts when editing a post, versus using the Action Menu from outside the editor) are totally separate mechanisms. So you cannot use the Copy Link icon to capture a link, and then use a keyboard shortcut to paste it into another post — you have to use the same system for both operations.
There is no limit to the number of different places into which you can paste a link. To see the number of posts that have links to the current one,
  • Click the Action Menu icon (), and position the cursor over the Metadata option ().
  • Look at the number of shortcuts.
To get a list of these posts,
  • Click the Action Menu icon (), and next to the Metadata option (), click edit.
  • Open the Parents box. (This is equivalent to the "what links here" functionality in wikis.)
The ability to create nested posts, and to paste multiple links, creates the possibility that a post will be visible in more than one place on the screen. To prevent confusion (and infinite recursion), QDL only allows one reference to any given post to be open at a time. Additional references to the same post cannot be opened, and the disclosure widget will be different.
For example, here is a link to the current post:
page already openInternal Links [opened elsewhere on this page]
Note that the normal disclosure widget has been replaced by an up-arrow. This is because the post in question is already open — by definition, since it's a self reference. So the up-arrow indicates that the post is opened higher up.
Links to other posts will continue to work, even if the title is changed, and even if the post is moved to another location. The linking is on the basis of the post ID, and will only stop working if the post is actually deleted. For this reason, the recommended workflow in QDL involves browsing through blogs, forums, and/or articles to find items of interest, and then pasting links to these items into your Sandbox, which you can bookmark, and then get to all of your favorites right from there.
See Editing Internal Links for information on the different ways you can get links to display.

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