Weights and Measures
As a convenience to people using different measurement systems, you can enclose measures inside double curly braces, and if possible, they will be converted for display in the user's preferred system (as set in the Format dialog). For example, if you enter "{ { 32 °F } }" (but without the spaces between the curly braces), if the user has selected the metric style, this will display as "0 °C", while in the scientific style, it will be "273.15 K". (The scientific style also differs from metric in showing speeds as m/s instead of km/hr, and it displays numbers in scientific notation if the exponent is greater than 2.)
The numeric values can be written as 32-bit floating point numbers, or in exponential notation (e.g., "1.23e4"). In the scientific style, all numbers are rounded to 2 digits (e.g., 1.23 × 104). For this reason, scientists might prefer to enter full-accuracy numbers into their documents, and to let QDL do the rounding on the fly.
The following table shows the units that will be displayed, given the units specified by the author. Note that for convenience, unit exponents are specified with the "^" character, while they are displayed in superscripts.
specified   imperial   metric   scientific
°F/°C/K   °F   °C   K
mm   inches   mm   mm
m   yards   m   m
km   miles   km   km
Mm   miles   km   Mm
inch   inch   mm   mm
inches   inches   mm   mm
ft   ft   m   m
feet   feet   m   m
yd   yd   m   m
yard   yard   m   m
yards   yards   m   m
mile   mile   km   km
miles   miles   km   km
m^2   yd^2   m^2   m^2
km^2   miles^2   km^2   km^2
ft^2   ft^2   m^2   m^2
yd^2   yd^2   m^2   m^2
yard^2   sq. yards   m^2   m^2
yards^2   sq. yards   m^2   m^2
m^3   yd^3   m^3   m^3
yd^3   yd^3   m^3   m^3
ft^3   ft^3   m^3   m^3
µm/s   inches/hour   µm/s   µm/s
m/s   mph   km/hr   m/s
km/hr   mph   km/hr   m/s
mph   mph   km/hr   m/s
fps   fps   km/hr   m/s
m^3/s   yd^3/s   m^3/s   m^3/s
gpm   gpm   L/s   L/s
g   oz   g   g
oz   oz   g   g
kg   lb   kg   kg
lb   lb   kg   kg
lbs   lbs   kg   kg
pounds   pounds   kg   kg
g/cc   lb/ft^3   g/cm^3   kg/m^3
g/cm^3   lb/ft^3   g/cm^3   kg/m^3
g/m^3   lb/yd^3   g/m^3   kg/m^3
kg/m^3   lb/yd^3   g/cm^3   kg/m^3

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