Suggestions for SITS Section

[Below is a copy of the SITS section. My suggestions IN RED are inserted in brackets [].]

[The image of 6 human-like figures at the top should be much smaller, as it wastes a lot of space.]*13203

To make it easy for people to communicate, here's a chat room that can be used by all registered users. [Just say: Chat Room for All Registered Users, since the reason should be obvious.]

actionsopen postChat 4 All [Better yet, make it accessible by everyone, not just registered users.]*10840

[Add a horizontal line here to separate the Chat4All chat room from the rest of the SITS.]

We encourage QDL users to form teams, so that they can collaborate on projects, since teamwork makes it so much easier to do higher quality work. Once you're a member of a team, you can paste a link to your blog into the team homepage, because anybody who likes the other members' blogs will probably like yours too. And you can collaborate on shared documents. [This would be better in an Introduction to the website on the home page or so.]

Here is a (perpetually out-of-date) chart showing the existing teams: [This isn't needed here and adds to clutter IMO.]*9142

actionsopen postOrg Chart [This isn't needed here and adds to clutter IMO.]

And here are the homepages for these teams, which they can organize however they please. [This isn't needed here and adds to clutter IMO.]

actionsopen postScience Improvement Team Space (SITS)

Mission Statement

[This should be in a separate subfolder here so people don't have to skim over this every time they come to SITS; otherwise it adds to clutter IMO. The statement can use improving.]*10838

This team is dedicated to the betterment of humankind through the improvement of science, in process and in product. We believe that there are problems with prerogatives and priorities in the professional scientific community, that citizen scientists can get past some of those problems, and that online collaboration creates exciting possibilities for people who never would have met otherwise, but who share the same vision of a better world. So we're working on new scientific theories, new protocols for team efforts, and new technologies for working online. And we're having a blast, because the tools are really powerful, scientific advances are really cool, and exchanging ideas with like minds is a joy. So welcome to our world, and feel free to dive in! Cool

actionsopen postMembership [Make that "SITS Members"]

actionsopen postQuestionaire [The questions aren't very helpful, so this subfolder should go in a To Do folder somewhere.]*13555

actionsopen post

actionsopen postPublic Discussions [I think this is redundant, since there's a Chat4All chat room at the top of the page.]*13557

actionsopen postQDL Itself [This should be in a different part of the website.]*13142

actionsopen postCommunity Calendar

[This paragraph just adds to clutter IMO.]

We might be a team, but that never stopped us from taking our own unique approaches to problem solving, nor should it. Two of the principle members here have done enough work, in a distinctive enough way, to deserve their own folders. There is a lot of overlap between them. Actually, it might be more accurate to say that it's mainly the same material, just organized differently. As you can see, Lloyd likes flat lists, while Charles likes outlines. But both are dedicated to the improvement of science. So you can contribute to either strategy, and the excellent secretarial skills of both of these members will guarantee that the contribution doesn't get lost, while the mutual oversight will ensure that both of these members see the contribution. And of course all of the other members will see it too.

actionsclose postLloyd's Folders

actionsopen postS.I.Team Goals & Progress [Move to "Private Meetings" folder. ]

actionsopen postS.I.Team Plans, Proposals & Ideas [Move to "Private Meetings" folder. ]

actionsopen postIdeas, Potential Proposals [Move to "Private Meetings" folder.]

actionsopen postGREAT THEORIES LISTING [Make this a main folder immediately after the "Private Meetings" … folder, because it's the most important SITS project.]

actionsopen postMarketing Ideas for QDL

actionsopen postS.I.Team Videos

actionsopen postMajority Rule is Tyrannical

actionsopen postWhat's wrong with modern science?

actionsopen postGerald Pollack's Plan for Scientific Revolution

actionsopen postNPA Members' Websites

actionsopen postSCIENCE WEBSITES - NPA World Science Database

actionsopen postBuild the Organization

actionsopen post

The current process for scientific collaboration is formalized in these folders. Many of the ideas came from Lloyd, while the bulk of the organizational structure was developed by Charles.

actionsopen postMethodology

actionsopen postGuidelines

Now we're trying to define the general process for online collaboration.

actionsopen postProposed Team Protocols

And here are the task lists:

actionsopen post

actionsopen postOpened Tasks

For non-members...

actionsopen postSuggestion Box [Make this a Chat Room.]

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