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QDL Work Groups (Questionnaire)
- Data (*Required) Your name, city & country
- Interests - Which work groups interest you?
    Science Reform
    Miles Mathis
- Helping - What would you like to do with your QDL work group?
    Write papers
    Organize work group
    Videos, Podcasts
- Contact - Your email address, or Skype ID, or Google Voice number
- Problems - Do you have problems using the website? If so, please describe them.
- Suggestions - How should the website be improved?

Email to NPAs
_Hello, Fellow NPA members and others. You are invited to our website,
where you can:
- start or join discussions on any topic;
- write or post science papers (with images, if desired);
- have your own weblog;
- even start your own forum.
_It's all free.
- (except for profanity and name-calling).
- You won't be bothered by hecklers.
- You can decide who can read or post on your forum threads.
- What you write and post there is owned by you and copyrighted for you.
_The website owner, Charles Chandler, is a software developer and amateur scientist, who wants to help advance scientific knowledge and education with free exchange of ideas and knowledge.
_The NPA has a great diversity of scientific viewpoints and resources and we hope to help everyone take greater advantage of the opportunity for discovery and progress, whether via collaborations or individual efforts.
_You may like to join our Project for Science Reform: QDL Science Reform Work Group (QiSRWoG)
_See the current science forums:
_See lists of many of the websites of NPA members: SCIENCE WEBSITES - NPA World Science Database
_Welcome and Good Day.

Marketing Suggestions
_LK: I read your post to Charles about marketing himself etc. What about marketing his site? Do you have experience marketing websites? Do you think we should use a fundraising site to kickstart his site by using the funds to hire a marketer? Or do you have better ideas?
_CG: As you can see, unknown people seeking to get their message out must take a cue from established professionals already seeking publicity and mimic what they do. For example look at how Wal Thornhill has branded himself and has gotten his identity, face, and message out into the public (apart from Thunderbolts alone):
_social media:
notice that Wal is on Facebook, ie, shows his face and regularly posts to his page.
_his blog:
notice Wal's picture on the blogsite, ie, his image, his face.
_In addition to these venues, Thornhill is a published author which establishes him as an authority:
_To add, notice that Thornhill regularly appears at lectures captured on video. He is a public figure, albeit in a niche market. Unless Charles is willing to go this route then his confusing/uninviting/cold website will remain invisible to the general public. Nobody will ever know who Charles Chandler is. And his ideas will go largely unnoticed. Has Charles written a book and published it? Is he anywhere to be seen in the blogosphere? Is he on Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? YouTube? Has he appeared on radio interviews available as podcasts?
_About Kickstarter, that is something you will need to market in order for it to become known, a catch-22.
_LK: Charles is good at website work, software etc. Would you like to trade online marketing consulting for any of his skills?
_CG: I'd like to help but I can't think how I would need any such computer work at the moment. Any work I would render as services would need to be written up as a deal memo/contract regardless of the means of trade. I'd have to think about what other forms of barter would be viable as I understand cash money is not on the radar here.
_LK: I don't know what Charles might be willing to agree to, but I'd be willing to make a donation, maybe monthly for a few months. I prefer to deal as a non-profit rather than as a for profit, but Charles seems to be a business person, for profit.
_Thanks for consideration. Let one of us know if you come up with an offer, like what specific work you may like to do either in an exchange or for donation etc.
_CG: I'm a business for profit, like Charles. When you speak of donation what do you mean? Donate what and to whom?
_LK: You're also an individual. Lots of people ask for donations on their websites. I'd be willing to make a donation of cash to you if you have good marketing ideas. I talked to Charles about having monthly meetings about improving his website and inviting people like you to meet with us online for that. Might that work for you, say a one or two hour meeting once a month?
_CG: Yes, I'm amenable to that. Idea sessions are good. We could also have Skype meetings. The first concept that will be important to implement will be blogging versus only having a standalone website. Charles likes to write and write. So that shouldn't be an issue. It will be how the articles are formatted and for what target audience. Who is the target audience? Then these articles must be posted to social media venues to reach the appropriate audience. I will give a link to an example of a highly successful blog. It's very eclectic but is full of activity and useful things. And it's highly interesting + the author has branded himself: [here]http://www.jamesaltucher.com/
_Charles must brand his image and his content. He will have to find a style and working method that he feels comfortable with. Initially it may feel forced and unnatural but that will eventually wane. I have 2 blogs, for example, one older and about cars and history, and the other just begun about creativity: [here]http://chadglass.blogspot.com/
_Charles already has tons of content that he can repurpose and retrofit into articles. He will need to get a domain name, preferably a .com of his own name. For example, just one topic on his site could be made into a series of installments. He can, too, focus, on developing his own personal voice through the articles as he has already on thunderbolts.com. That is why I suggested he take material from thunderbolts and repurpose it into articles as his forum voice is personal and more casual.
_LK: thanks for the further suggestions etc. Charles and I are both interested in reforming science and I've been thinking that it may be more productive to promote that on his site more than to promote his papers or anyone else's. I'm thinking that promoting sci reform on his site would also somewhat promote his papers and those of others discussed there.
_I read some time ago that there are several ways to do good marketing. One way is to market oneself, as you say, and an example given was Oprah Winfrey. The other kinds of marketing I read about I don't remember now, but the article definitely mentioned more than just marketing oneself.
_How much success have you had in marketing?
_I've been writing on a forum (since 2008 I think) at this link http://forum.freestateproject.org/index.php?board=63.0 ... I mostly edit things and post that. If you have time to look at that for a few minutes, my username there is Luck and you can see that I post a lot of material there. I use several threads there somewhat like a blog, posting material on the same threads every few weeks. My material gets quite a lot of viewings, 30 thousand or more at some of the threads. I've posted over 3,000 messages on Thunderbolts too since 2008, but those get lost after a few days or weeks, so the threads don't get read as much there, I think.
_Would you say that's a kind of branding? Do your blogs get much viewing? Do you know how much? I looked over the other blog you mentioned too. It was a little interesting, but not much. But I guess the point is how much traffic he gets. Do you know how much. Looks like he has a podcast or something.
_I suggested to Charles that he make a Youtube video every few weeks and he started to work on that, but I don't know if he's made any progress.
_I'll invite you to private discussion on Charles' site soon, I think, with hopefully several others besides Charles, probably within a few days.
_CG: you seem put a lot of energy into posting and writing, as does Charles. Between the two of you your energies could be well spent marketing to more specific targets and in far more venues. I suggest getting a feel for  these current marketing methods:
_ps. I've been in the tv/ad industry in Hollywood for 15 years.
_LK: Subject: Register for Meeting?
_Charles said your former account was purged after a year's non-use, so if you'd like to meet on his site on Sunday, you'll need to register first.
_I forgot to say thanks for the youtube links you sent previously. I hope to check em out soon.
_CG: youre welcome and thanks; I re-registered to the site.
_LK: I probably gave the wrong link for the meeting. Here's what I added. I'll be around till 5pm ET I think.
Meeting Instructions.
_First, please answer this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fUIADWSRBu08l1-jZAfztHl0uEF-YLvshNBIIu5Yqso/viewform?usp=send_form (Form answers may be viewable at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ag-rQhrZLHZEdEJncGFXRDJWOXNJcWVlMUE3R2RwRnc)
Second, since I can't think how to chat here conveniently, let's discuss at this chatroom: http://us9.chatzy.com/94568710066994
_CG: I was out for the day. I would have joined the meeting otherwise.


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