S.I.Team Plans, Proposals & Ideas

Plans & Assessments
_1a. Weekly Chat: 1pm ET each Sunday. Next Chat is Jun 15.
(CC,LK: Since 2pmET Tu May 27, Noon ET Sa Jun 7,) Hold weekly chat to list Great Theories, help organize our team/s & the website & post the chat highlights
_Assess: To try to make chats more productive: Ask members favorite theories, What they want to do on CC's site; Sum theory highlights up to 500 words; Invite others to chat on the theory; Ask how CC's site can improve science.

_1b. Multiple Chat Rooms:
(CC,LK: 2pmET Tu May 27) Try multiple chat rooms on the same page.
CC & LK tried it, then CC removed them because of minor problems, but LK wants to keep trying.

_2. Video Project:
CG,CC: Chad offered make a short video each week or so based on suggestions from Charles (& LK)
LK sent Chad a script, which Chad criticized excessively without showing enough interest, if any, in productive discussion, so LK lost interest in working with Chad.


_(CC) Chat Prerequisite:
(All by 6/7) Make the prerequisite for participation in the next chat that members read the summary from the last one (to avoid repetition).
(LK modifying) Ask members to read the summary & proposals when sending chat invitations.

_(LK) Weekly Chat Times, Place & Attendance:
(All by 6/7) Hold the weekly chat at Noon ET every Saturday in the SITS chat room for everyone. If everyone can't come to the SITS chat room, hold a simultaneous chat at Chatzy.

_(LK) Multiple Chat Rooms:
(CC asap) Resume two (or more) chat rooms on the same page.
_Chats (By 6/10) Invite people to chats about evaluation of theories and improving science etc.
. Have 2 chat rooms on a page to experiment with.

_(LK) Invite Proposals:
(Since 5/25) S.I.Team members post your proposals below; click on "Proposal Form".

_(LK) Provide Proposals Form:
(CC,LK by 6/5) Make a Proposals Form and invite everyone to use it before weekly chats.

_(LK) Ratings Section:
(By 6/5) (LK) Start a Ratings section, the site's most important feature.
(CC) Put it on the main page after Teams and before Topics.
. Allow anyone to read it, but restrict posting to qualified Team members.
. Have four Parts in the Ratings folder.
. First could be a List of names and authors of well-developed theories.
. Second could be lists of the main points and arguments of those theories.
. Third could be evaluations of the points and arguments.
. Fourth could be the Science Library, a list of points and arguments of theories that are rated highly.

_(LK) Confences:
(SIT by 6/10) Help teams organize conferences. Compose suggested conference process.

_(LK) Develop Procedures:
(SIT Since 5/25) Develop & promote procedures to improve science & science publishing.
Develop process for evaluating theories and publishing the results in the library.

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