S.I.Team Goals & Progress

S.I.Team Goals

Our goals are to develop processes for:
(6) 1. users to publish & discuss theories
(2) 2. users to collaborate in teams
(5) 3. theories evaluation by volunteers
(3) 4. theories evaluation by conferences
(2) 5. science knowledge library
(1) 6. globally promoting better science

Numbers in parentheses () are scores for evaluating progress.
On a scale from 1-9, 1 means little progress, 9 means success.
- The first goal is doing very well, as the usability of the site has greatly improved and a number of members have begun using the site to publish and discuss.
- The 3rd goal is coming along well as far as having a good evaluation process developed. We have only 1 or 2 volunteers so far and we need several more.
- The other goals are progressing well since teams have started to form and chatrooms are installed and being improved.

What scores do you give us on the above goals?
And what other goals or subgoals would you like to see added?

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