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The Peratt Galaxy Model vs. the Cosmic Microwave Background
Scott Rebuttal. II. Monday, June 15, 2009
- ... In mainstream cosmology, [observed] filaments are NOT due to electric currents. Computer simulations of structure formation are perfectly capable of forming filamentary structures without the need for them to be powered by currents. You can see for yourself the results of some of these simulations at the website for "Simulating the joint evolution of quasars, galaxies and their large-scale distribution". This group even makes their simulation code, called Gadget, generally available so others may evaluate it.
- ... WMAP CMB is produced by a combination of measurements from FIVE all-sky maps. The raw input data is available as well. Some high-level image products [and] the input bands (23-94 GHz) are available here. ... Free electrons, such as needed for Peratt's currents, show up in the synchrotron radiation maps and the free-free (bremsstrahlung radiation) maps. The WMAP frequency bands were chosen ... for a region near the minmum of microwave emission by galaxies. The yellow bands in the figure below (K, Ka, Q, V, W) represent the frequency coverage of WMAP. ... http://lambda.gsfc.nasa.gov/product/foreground/
- ... What powers these cosmic-scale Birkeland currents? What is the origin of the EMF that drives them? Are there any laboratory or theoretical models that such currents of such size and magnitude could be driven by turbulence? With a mean length of ~350 Megaparsecs for Peratt's filaments, the ends of these filaments should be visible in our current galaxy surveys so we should be able to see the source of the EMF and magnetic field which maintain them. Not only do we not see any objects that could fulfill this role, even Don Scott admitted that they did not know the source of these Birkeland current systems. ... Because their predicted emission is well within the sensitivity of our present day instruments, these invisible current sources are a far larger problem for EU than Dark Matter is for the standard cosmology.
- With currents driven by 30 keV electrons in Peratt's simulations, this is more than enough energy to ionize intergalactic neutral hydrogen (ionization potential = 13.6 eV). Recombination (electron and proton reforming the hydrogen atom) will emit photons at these energies, in the ultraviolet. ... More distant and sensitive surveys should see these currents in the range of optical emission!
... References - A. L. Peratt [et al]

- ... 6 comments: Anonymous said: ... There are ... inconsistencies between Peratt's model ... and well-established astronomical observations.
    * in spirals, rotation curves for stars, neutral gas, and ionised plasmas are the same (with some possible exceptions a long way out); in Peratt's model this cannot happen (many reasons)
    * few, if any, spirals have a 'double bulge' morphology; in Peratt's model, nearly all should
    * a great many aspects of the characteristics of what we today call AGNs are misaligned, or completely inconsistent, with Peratt's model.... Peratt's own estimates of the current streams microwave emission mean they should be visible even before the background subtractions are performed. ... - July 30, 2009 at 9:18 AM
- Siggy_G said... Is it to be assumed that electrons within a Birkeland current move in circular and spiraling motions? A circular motion at least, would indicate that the internally induced magnetic fields are more important than the ones driving the Birkeland current in the first place. Now, the Birkeland currents are per definition initially field alligned, and the additional induced magnetic fields (a collective cylindrical one), would be surrounding the Birkeland current, seen from a classical point of view. However, it is the Debye shielding that prevents the effect you propose are happening (that otherwise would produce cyclotron radiation). For this reason, it seems likely that Birkeland currents can be in "dark mode" until they interact with considerable densities of plasmas or gases, seen as glow mode in various wavelengths (double helix above Milkyway centre?) or as auroras.
- Sincerely, Siggy_G (EU proponent) - July 13, 2010 at 11:41 AM
- W.T."Tom" Bridgman said... Siggy_G: I've responded to this claim here: Electric Universe: Everything I needed to know about science I learned from watching Star Trek?. - July 23, 2010 at 8:21 PM

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