misc text
These are miscellaneous formats supported in QDL.
  • EML
    • This is the format for received emails. It is automatically set, and since you can't edit a received email, you'll never see this. Note that when composing emails, they use the data type of HTML until they are sent, when they are converted to EML.
  • RIS
    • This is a format for bibliographic information, used by applications such as ProCite, RefMan, and RefWorks. See Citations for more info.
  • RTF
    • This is an ancient standard for text that can have formatting, with some support for embedded images.
  • TeX
  • TXT
    • Plain text. Use this for text that should be displayed as-is (i.e., inside "pre" tags).
  • VCF
    • This is the standard email contact info file format.
    • VCF records are automatically created from all of the addresses listed in an email when you respond to it. You can also create your own contacts from scratch.

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