JJW: Galaxies and their Centers
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In stellar metamorphosis black holes do not exist, as per Mr. Stephen Crothers. Since black holes do not exist, as they are figments of overactive imaginations, we must determine what exactly would be in the center of galaxies, if anything at all. We must also have a better world view of what a galaxy really is. Just saying its a bunch of stars that came out of nothing in Big Bang is horrendous! That is religious creationism!

In this theory, a galaxy itself did not come from some big explosion of all galaxies at once. A galaxy is similar to an oak tree. It has tens of thousands of leaves, acorns, large branches and smaller branches, etc. The leaves are the stars, the branches are the arms of the galaxy, the acorns are the pulsars, the smaller branches are filaments that supply electrical current to new born stars (form leaves).

The pulsars are embryonic galaxies themselves. I do not know the formation of pulsars, but I think it has something to do with the "supernova" event. I do not think supernovas are exploding stars, I think that is dumb, only because stars are very coherent, stable structures, they don't magically explode for no reason. That would be like saying the tomato plant, when it dies, it explodes! LOL

When the acorn (pulsar) is ejected form the galaxy, it grows new arms and becomes a galaxy itself. A good picture of a pulsar ejecting new matter is Hercules A in radio waves.

Here we see Hercules A ejecting new matter for star formation.

True matter creation according to stellar metamorphosis happens during a galaxies' growing phase, its embryonic to baby to teenage years is when matter is created, by the central object itself, the superconducting magnetic energy storage mechanism called "pulsar" in its center. Thus the centers of galaxies if you could guess it, are pulsars. As well it is also hypothesized that the faster they beat the younger they are, so if we find very slow beating pulsars we have found the center of a very ancient galaxy.

This means that stars are not fusion reactors in stellar metamorphosis. They are just dissipative events. Saying a star creates matter is like saying a hurricane creates oxygen from hydrogen. It has never worked and will never work. Stars are the dissipative events that take the energy away from galactic birth. There is no matter creation in a star, all a star does is take elements that were already formed in galactic birth and forming molecules out of them as they cool, solidify and age into what humans call a "planet/exoplanet".

The Milky Way's center according to Stellar Metamorphosis is the pulsar J1745-2900. Here is the paper I wrote on it: http://vixra.org/pdf/1308.0087v1.pdf

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