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  1. http://milesmathis.com/quake.html (WHAT CAUSES EARTHQUAKE LIGHTS?)
  2. I will show that seismic waves are not caused by simple motion in the crust, or below it.
  3. They are caused by electromagnetic waves.
  4. As I have already implied, earthquake lights are very conspicuous raw data themselves, which tell us that seismic waves are electromagnetic waves.
  5. Yes, these electromagnetic waves then cause material waves in solids and liquids, but the solid and liquid waves are secondary.
  6. They are not uncaused, or caused only by motion.
  7. Both the motion and the solid and liquid waves are caused by electromagnetic waves [photons].
  8. The universe is filled with electromagnetic waves, and collections of matter like the Solar System are especially rich with them.
  9. The Sun recycles the charge field coming from the galactic core, and the Earth recycles the charge from the Sun.
  10. All are engines of the charge field, differing only in size and scope.
  11. The Earth pulls in charge at the poles and re-emits it everywhere else.
  12. So charge is moving up through the Earth all the time.
  13. It only requires variation in density to create variations in charge, which then create charge waves.
  14. It is these charge waves that drive all other motions in the Earth's crust, its waters, and its atmosphere.
  15. Given the lights, the most logical theory would be that the seismic waves create the lights directly.
  16. That is, the seismic waves do not stop at the level of the earth, they continue up into the atmosphere.
  17. Even were the seismic wave strictly a compression wave, it would still continue up into the atmosphere, since the atmosphere is material.
  18. But if we suppose that the seismic wave is fundamentally an electromagnetic wave, this doubles our bet.
  19. The atmosphere is full of ions, even in the lower levels, so the ladder this wave climbs is even clearer and stronger.
  20. The earthquake light is then just the seismic wave showing itself in the atmosphere.
  21. If there are a lot of ions in the air, the seismic waves will light them up. If not, not.
  22. it is confirmed by recent experiments.
  23. In 2005 and 2006, several Japanese authors published papers under the titles, "Conditions of atmospheric electricity variation during seismic wave propagation"1 and "Generation Mechanism of Earth Potential Difference Signal during Seismic Wave Propagation and its Observation Condition".2
  24. These papers show [] just what I am saying: the seismic waves are the direct cause of the atmospheric electricity variations, without any piezoelectric additions, without crystals, without consideration of the ionsphere, and so on.
  25. But the main reason this Japanese paper is confirmation of my theory is that if seismic waves were NOT electromagnetic, we would expect to see NO atmospheric electricity variation during seismic activity.
  26. One of these same Japanese authors, N. Takeuchi, showed in 1995 3 and 1998 4 that seismic activity was directly linked to electromagnetic potential.
  27. In the abstract of the first paper, it says For all earthquakes with seismic intensities of more than 1 at Sendai we have observed clear variations in the potential difference signal.
  28. The observed electric P and S wave arrival times agree exactly with seismic data obtained by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).
  29. And the abstract of the second paper ends with, The estimated ratio between the earth electrical field (potential difference) and the pressure difference in the ground, i.e., the coupling coefficient, was found to be reasonable based on the streaming potential model.
  30. Just as another (somewhat lighter) example, I will close by reminding you of the well known phenomenon of animals knowing when an earthquake is coming.
  31. This has been passed off as a better sense of hearing or a finer sensitivity to tremors, but it is much more likely that animals are sensing E/M fluctuations.
  32. We already know that animals use the E/M field in a multitude of ways, and there is even a scientific term for it, "magnetoception."
  33. Recently, in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it was reported that animals like cows and deer feed by aligning themselves to the ambient field, and that power lines could disrupt this alignment.
  34. If our machines were very sensitive magnetoceptors, instead of crude motion detectors, we could warn before the main motions started, instead of after they have started.
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