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  1. milesmathis.com/jup.pdf (Music from Jupiter a song of the charge field)
  2. [T]he 2 trillion watts [] of current flowing between Jupiter and Io [] couldn't be [electric] current as we know it, since that would require a heavy electron or ion density in the space between Io and Jupiter.
  3. But space in the Solar System simply doesn't have ion densities like that, not even near big planets like Jupiter.
  4. There is nothing to mediate a current of that strength, as they admit when they say that it is "unlike the ordinary kind of DC circuit we know using batteries and wires."
  5. This is precisely why Space Today falls back on plasma explanations, and finally admits plasma physicists believe that current in the Io-Jupiter system is carried by a type of magnetic plasma wave called Alfven waves.
  6. They don't know how it works.
  7. They give it new names: plasma and Alfven waves, but don't tell you what those are composed of or where they fit into the old equations.
  8. The current can only be a photon current, which is a charge current, not an electrical current.
  9. I am telling you they are composed of photons, are equivalent to charge, and fit into the old equations as charge. This is the unified field [similar to Brant's aether].
  10. Just so you understand, this 2 trillion watts is acting not only as a sort of sub-electric current, it is acting as a repulsive force of 10^20 N between Jupiter and Io.
  11. So when mainstream physicists say they have no evidence of a second field in celestial mechanics, they are simply ignoring very clear evidence in plain sight.
  12. [T]he measured energy has nothing to do with vulcanism on Io or the "gaseous donut": the energy is the charge field in that vicinity, and it would be there even without volcanoes or gases.
  13. In other words, it is not the volcanoes and gases that are causing the energy, it is the energy that is then causing the volcanoes and so on.
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