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  1. http://milesmathis.com/pause.html (The Magnetopause calculated by the Unified Field)
  2. Protons are accelerated by the Wind in an even manner, passing the Earth in numbers and at velocities that can be predicted from various models by the temperature of the corona.
  3. But electrons behave in an unpredictable manner, not being accelerated at the proper velocity. They are moving too slowly.
  4. They have also been found to be diverted by magnetic field lines, while the protons were not.
  5. The E/M field is a field of ions, but the charge field is a field of real charge photons—[] real particles with mass and radius and spin.
  6. These charge photons work strictly mechanically, by bombardment.
  7. The electromagnetic field is driven by the charge field, by direct bombardment.
  8. At first glance, you would think the electrons and protons would be driven equally, or that the electrons would be driven faster because they are smaller.
  9. But on looking closer, you see that the size difference between the electron and proton causes just the opposite effect, in a simple mechanical way.
  10. The electrons are driven less by the [Sun's] photon wind, because they can dodge greater parts of it than the proton.
  11. The radius of the electron is some 1800 times less than the radius of the proton, so large parts of the photon wind simply miss it.
  12. Therefore, the proton is driven more efficiently.
  13. This explains in a direct manner the data from the Solar Wind.
  14. It also explains the deflection of the electron by planetary or Solar magnetic fields.
  15. Magnetic fields are caused by the spins on the photons, not by the linear momentum.
  16. The proton feels more of the linear field, since it gets hit more often, but it resists the spins of the photons better because it is larger.
  17. The protons and electrons are also spinning and are also emitting small charge fields of their own.
  18. But, contra the standard model, the proton actually has a greater charge than the electron, simply because it has a greater radius and therefore a greater angular momentum.
  19. This greater angular momentum allows it to resist the much smaller angular momentum of the charge field [photons].
  20. The electrons, although hit less often, are more likely to be deflected (as a statistical matter on individual ions), because they feel a much greater relative force from the angular momenta of the photons.
  21. Due only to pressure differences, [the Sun] attracts the charge field at its poles and emits the charge field everywhere else.
  22. You can now see this with your own eyes by watching a NASA film called The 3D Sun.
  23. At minutes 19:40 to 20:20 you will see the heaviest emission near the Solar equator and the lightest at the poles.
  24. On a smaller scale, this also applies to the Earth.
  25. The Earth's spin makes it both anode and cathode to the charge field.
  26. It recycles the charge field, and the charge field drives the E/M field.
  27. This explains the genesis of the Earth's E/M field without postulating dynamos in the Earth.
  28. This also explains why the Earth, like all macro-bodies, often seems to be an infinite well of negative charge.
  29. Neither the standard model nor the electrical/plasma model can explain why the Earth should act like an infinite well of negative charge.
  30. For example, it absorbs a huge amount of mainly positive cosmic rays each year for billions of years with no drain.
  31. milesmathis.com/corona.pdf‎ (Magnetic Reconnection and Coronal Temperatures)
  32. [Re the solar wind:] While the plasma people don't have much, they do have something here the mainstream doesn't.
  33. They have the possibility of a second field.
  34. Most plasma physicists understand that space isn't anything close to a vacuum.
  35. They understand the huge potential of space, though most can't say what causes it.
  36. Refreshingly, most plasma physicists don't seem to give this potential to a Dirac field, a Higgs field, or any other sort of virtual field.
  37. I have shown my readers in scores of papers the cause of this potential in space.
  38. It isn't a Dirac field, a Higgs field, a zero-point energy field, a nebulous or mysterious ether, dark matter, hidden-sector field, neutrino field, or WIMP field.
  39. Nor is it some undefined field differential between the Sun and distant objects or distant space.
  40. It is simply charge — the same charge in Coulomb's equation, the same charge that is moving through the nucleus, the same charge that is "on" the electron.
  41. This charge isn't carried by virtual photons, messenger photons, neutrinos, or any other mysterious particles unknown to us.
  42. It is carried by the real photons we already know about in the spectrum.
  43. The "hidden-sector" actually exists in the known spectrum, and it is "hidden" only in the sense that it is poorly understood.
  44. Nothing remains as incomplete as our knowledge of real photons, that is, and it is this incomplete knowledge that rears its head on a daily basis, stopping all new theory in its tracks.
  45. It is probably worth mentioning here that part of the problem has always been that we have named the photon spectrum the "electromagnetic spectrum."
  46. As I have shown, that is beyond imprecise. It is simply wrong.
  47. When drawing and theorizing about the electrical and magnetic fields, physicists have always been following ions, not photons.
  48. Modern theory acts like charge and E/M are the same thing, but they aren't.
  49. Charge is photons, E/M is ions. They are far from equivalent.
  50. Modern theory conflates photons and electrons in its field theory. This was always true back to Maxwell
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