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'13-03-26, 06:12

Well, the two plausible causes for it, man made or natural, can both be controlled.

The natural reason, after being discussed enough to establish a list of needed facts, "science" (which is a word I use to generally describe getting into discussing the actual theories and principles and known scientific processes) - the ability to control it involves a fairly large expenditure of work and money.  The issue is that the primary focal point of debate in the discussion about whether or not it's man-made is "how much money" in the context of global trade, corporate interests, political campaign funding interests - it's basicallly special interests of elected officials and corporate entities, when the special interest of anything above the level of individuals seems irrelevant because all of it is comprised of individuals.

My other piece of input is that "oh no a catastrophist!" is so completely the focus of why it seems public discussion of this has just turned completely absurd.  

If I attempt to discuss the actual facts that support the possiblity it's man-made, I get one side saying "don't you ever give up?  The earth naturally cools down and warms up.  This is just part of the cycle!"  The other says it's due to pollution from corporations, they need to reduce output.  The companies that produce the polluting equipment need to either change it or stop making it.  Anybody who might use it in the future needs to find another way, and the way for them to do that is for the government to fund new companies to figure out how to do that, or for the government to pass regulations on existing companies that mandate reductions in emissions over given time frames (with financial penalties for not making expected progress), or just regulate them to the point of picking particular portions of their business and telling them they can't do things that way anymore.

I'll use my employer as the best example:  Telecomm company.  Ability to invest in offered services to make them better and more importantly ability to collaborate with other companies to find new ways for both to combine their best products or services - it makes for a lot of cool new stuff that nobody could imagine was possible, just a decade ago.

I realize their are companies that try to monopolize industries or whatever, but in a case where companies actually collaborate across boundaries that might be generally accepted to exist between give companies, the best stuff shows up, and the best brains get put together to develop even more amazing stuff.

'13-07-10, 20:14
Charles Chandler
Baltimore, MD
There was a discussion on thunderbolts on this very topic. (See the QDL cached version here: Chemtrails for Global Warming). I haven't reviewed it yet.
'14-02-04, 05:23

Charles!.... when I saw this section on your blog you could have knocked me down with a feather! I assumed you were up to speed on this .... I quickly checked EU sites to find their opinions , and even the usually conservative Tallbot knows this is a fraud , although he nievly thinks that AL Gore and other politicians are being 'misslead by global warming scientists'.... Here is the bottom line , and this is not a maybe, or my oppinion, but 100% guaranteed.

 There is no global warming, anthropogenic or otherwise. The whole thing is a very carefully coordinated scam by the controlers. We're getting into conspyracy theory now. Basicallly the European royalty together with top bankers own the magority of wealth , and are in league with ,or control politicians. They also own all the main media outlets, and of course climate scientist understand if they wan't to keep their job they have to go along with the official story.

Al Gore, through his carbon trading company 'Blood and Gore' has personally made billions of dollars , he is just a mid level operative and gets peanuts, the main loot goes to the top controllers , behind the ceans .

 These controllers are about to make their big move and try to bring in global dictatorship ,police state. Things are about to get very uncomfortable , particularly in the US, you can expect a collapse of the banking system , an end to democracy, WWIII , masive terrorist attacks (off course 9/11 was an inside job); any or all of the above very soon, and its all planed by these controlers , to bring in a police state.

This is why I left the UK eight years ago for a safer location, but even here in the remote jungle of Thailand I have a very secure underground living area as the caos may even reach here . I understand this may sound totaly crazy to many, but I have been researching this for 15 years now , and really consider my self an expert on the truth movement . Please ask any questions you have, I'm sure you have many doubts about what I've said.....

'14-02-04, 06:56
Charles Chandler
Baltimore, MD
oz93666 said:
I assumed you were up to speed on this ....
Well, maybe you assumed too much. :))) I'm no expert on the topic, if that's what you mean. ;) From what little I do know, I'll certainly agree that most of the issue is just political propaganda. Is there any anthropomorphic global warming? Is there any global warming at all? I only know what I read in the papers, and I guess that most of that is suspiciously political. ;) Would "global dimming" actually work? Probably not, and even if it would, it's probably too risky to try. Why did I write a paper on it? I just got pissed off one day, with all of the gloom and doom on the TV set about it, and wondered if technology could fix something that it may (or may not) have messed up. Anyway...
As concerns truth, I'm all about that. Truth always triumphs. Lies go whichever way the wind is blowing, but the truth is always straight on, and in the end, the truth is always what's left, after all else has been scattered to the four winds.
As concerns WWIII, I hope you're wrong... :)))))
'14-02-26, 16:14
St. Louis area

I didn't notice this discussion previously, but the rest of the story is at


where Charles found that the alignment of the planets can likely increase solar radiation and thus Earth's surface temperature.

I'll try to look up the planetary alignment trend. I remember a decade or so ago there was a Harmonic Convergence fad when a lot of people were expecting grand things to occur when the planets were mostly all aligned. According to Charles' theory that should have produced the maximum possible temperature increase.

'14-02-26, 20:49
Charles Chandler
Baltimore, MD
And it should have produced a very active sunspot maximum as well, which might be easier to quantify than variations in global temperatures.

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