Chandler's Geophysics Video Project
© Lloyd

By the way, starting the video project with explaining Earth's magnetic field seems like a good starting point. After your first video explains the field, the second one may need to explain why CFDLs are the only explanation for many Earth features. For the Sun, I could see how the electric force is the only explanation of the smooth photosphere and that only a negative layer under a positive layer can produce the photosphere. But for the Earth, offhand it's harder to see that there's only one possibility, or that there are any positive and negative layers at all.

Your series of videos will need a title, I suppose. How about "Geophysics that Makes Sense" or "Geophysics that Makes Total Sense" or "Sensible Geophysics" or "Totally Sensible Geophysics"? And then for the Astrophysics series, substitute "Astrophysics"?

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