Stellar Metamorphosis
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Well, in GTSM the actual concept of "geophysics" itself is troublesome. As in this theory the Earth itself IS an ancient star. Thus the study of the "stars" A.K.A. Earth, IS astrophysics. In other words, if you study one human being as in psychology, you are actually studying humanity. When you studying a drop of water, you are actually studying lakes. Thus we can draw conclusions based on the stages of a star's evolution by studying the Earth itself. During a star's evolution it does not contain a core at first, as young stars are much too diffuse and hot to sustain them. The core of the star is formed as it ages and the material is deposited on the interior similiar to a vacuum vapor deposition chamber.

All that is needed is for a substrate the enter the star, such as a meteorite, the meteorite becomes charged and starts off the snowball effect inside of the star and the core begins formation. Like how a pearl is made inside of an oyster. As the core begins forming in the center of the star and the outer material moves inwards, the plasma shell will start contracting, and the star will being changing color. A Blue star will become white, a white one will become yellow, a yellow star will become orange, and eventually stars like the Sun will become what are called "red dwarves".

Red dwarves are much older than stars in earlier stages of evolution. They have superhot liquid iron/nickel cores and will being the flaring process as the core begins cooling and the atmosphere is thick enough to allow for convection (flaring). Most red dwarves are flare stars this is no coincidence. The flaring is caused by the internal components of the star coming together in a much thicker atmosphere. Over time this flaring will die down and the still relatively thin atmosphere will continue contracting and all the elements in this atmosphere will continue differentiation based on their ionization potentials. The strongest molecular bonds will continue to form such as the iron/nickel bonds in the core.

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