Here you get total control over who gets to read, contribute to, and edit your QDL posts.
  • Creators
    • Creators can edit everything about the post, including the properties (such as the rights).
    • Only the creator(s) can delete and purge the post.
  • Editors
    • Editors can edit the main body of the post, including the cutting and pasting of sub-posts, but they cannot alter the properties, nor can they delete or purge the post.
    • If you check the drafts only box, when editors go to edit the post, they will only be able to edit a draft of the post. Those with creator rights will then be able to publish the draft.
  • Adders
    • Adders can tack sub-posts onto the end of the post, but they cannot edit the main body of the post.
  • Readers
    • Readers can only see the information — they cannot edit the main body of the post, or add new sub-posts at the end.
Higher rights imply lower rights. In other words, creatorship implies editorship, which implies addership, which implies readership. So if a person is specified as an adder, it is not necessary to also specify the person as a reader.
To change these rights, click the appropriate button. This opens a sub-window, showing the Groups folder on the left side, and with a box on the right side into which you can drag groups and/or individuals to give them rights. Click the Done button to apply these rights back to the post being edited.
If you assign rights to a group, but you want to deny rights to an individual in that group, drag the individual into the rights box, and then prefix the name with a minus sign. Denied rights can appear anywhere in the sequence, and it doesn't matter which other groups include the individual — once denied, that individual will not have rights.
It is possible to give away creatorship of a post, by removing yourself from the list of creators, and adding someone else. But even though you're no longer listed as a creator, you will still have creator rights, until the new creator edits the properties, and removes you as a creator. So you can "pass off" creatorship, but the transaction is not complete until creatorship is "received" by the new creator, so to say.
People using one of the Classic Layouts also get a checkbox at the bottom called apply to all expanded sub-posts. If the process encounters a sub-post that has more than one parent, it doesn't change anything there (or lower in the hierarchy), and it generates a PM listing all of the posts in the hierarchy that it could not change.
When creating a new post, rights are inherited from the parent post.

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