If you save your edits using the new version disposition, the existing version (as it was when you opened the editor) gets archived, and your edits become the current version. The archived versions will then appear in this box the next time you edit the page. The most recent "version" (at the top) is the current version (as it was before you started editing it).
Versions can be deleted, with two exceptions.
First, the current version cannot be deleted from here. If you want to delete the current version, you have to delete the entire post.
  1. Click Submit to close the Properties window.
  2. Click the Action Menu icon (), and select the Delete Post option ().
  3. This will delete all of the previous versions as well.
Second, if anyone has linked to one of your versions, you will not be able to delete it from here. If you simply must get rid of a previous version, and you are not able because someone has linked to it, the only way is to delete the entire post (as described above), thereby removing all links to the page, including links to versions. Then you can recover the page from the folder and paste it back into the hierarchy.
If you click the apples-n-oranges icon (Diff), a sub-window will open, showing the differences between that and the previous version.

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