2013-05-15 Numerous Breakthroughs Have Been Accumulating
Charles Chandler, a software developer, started this site some years ago. He has a lot of knowledge of electronics and has read a lot of physics literature. He started reading the Thunderbolts.info site and forum (TB) a few years ago. His first project there was tornado study. He developed a model that may be the best there is on tornado theory. It seems to be more thorough than either EU (Electric Universe) theory or mainstream theory.
Charles's next project was solar theory. He started discussing it alone on the TB forum, then I got involved, then I invited Brant Callahan and Michael Mozina to join the discussion. Brant works with a company that does studies on sonoluminiscence and spectroscopy. Michael has co-wrote one or more science papers with Oliver Manuel on their Iron Sun model findings. And we spent 3 or 4 months last year having weekly simultaneous discussions online, which I posted to the TB forum. All 3 of the guys agreed that the Sun is a cathode and the heliosphere or space is the anode, which is backwards from the TB team's EU theory. They consider the Sun to be an anode and the heliopause to be a cathode.
Bob Johnson showed in a video in January at the EU Conference that the Juergens anode Sun model was based on several flawed ideas.
Charles composed a paper in March (?) with proofs of his cathode Sun model.
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  1. (CI) Compressively ionized stars:
    1. Most stars form by electric nebular implosion, which compresses dust into dense ionized matter with electric double layers of supercritical fluids and plasmas.
  2. Tokamak stars:
    1. Pulsars, quasars, "black holes", galactic centers etc are natural tokamak objects; they also form by nebular implosion, but with high rotational velocity, which produces strong magnetic fields.
  3. Electric imploding nebulae:
    1. Nebulae don't collapse gravitationally, but electrically, to form stars and planetoids.
  4. Redshifting quasar jets:
    1. High redshift quasars have jets that produce the high redshifts.
  5. CI planets:
    1. When stars lose enough mass from stellar winds, they become planets, which continue to lose mass and can produce earthquakes, vulcanism, plasma Moho layers, continental drift etc.
  6. Thermonuclear explosion meteor impacts: __Jan 15, 2013 6:10am
    1. Many meteors travel fast enough to produce thermonuclear explosions upon impact.
  7. Airburst meteors:
    1. Meteors can also explode in the air from excessive ionization.
  8. Im/explosion cycling galactic evolution:
    1. Galaxy-sized nebulae implode and explode in cycles, which reorganizes matter contents into a progression of galaxy types, from peculiar to ellipsoidal to spiral to ring.
  9. Plasma water vapor mirages:
    1. Mirages are caused by a layer of water vapor plasma just above the ground surface.
  10. Electric sliding playa rocks:
    1. Playa rocks slide due to ionization and plasma wind.
  11. Solar features:
    1. Individual solar features are caused electrically; details are provided.
  12. Electric tornadoes:
    1. Tornadoes are also caused by different ionization.

- TB:
1. Exoplanet Saturn Theory:
Saturn, Earth, Mars & moons were part of the Saturn system, which originated in another galaxy; Venus formed as a comet when Saturn entered the solar system; many past events can be discovered by comparative mythology.
2. Megalightning scarred planetoids:
Mars, the Moon and comet surface features were carved by megalightning.
3. Shock Dynamics & Earth expansion rapid continental drift:
Magnetic pressure release reshaped Earth from oval to spherical and a deep meteor impact broke up the supercontinent and caused rapid continental drift.
4. Rapid rock strata formation in water:
Conforming rock strata are demonstrated to form rapidly in floods.
5. Grand Canyon & northwest rapid formations:
The Grand Canyon eroded rapidly from the breaching of ancient Grand Lake and Hopi Lake and the northwest suffered vulcanism, tsunamis, glacial melt floods etc.
6. North America airburst cataclysm:
A large airburst over North America destroyed most life on the continent, carved the Great Lakes by electric discharge, formed the Carolina bays, Illinois loam, Nebraska dunes, Texas craters, melted much of the ice sheet etc.
7. Megafauna & megaflora in prehistory:
Dinosaurs and plants grew large in ancient times due to weaker gravity and dinosaurs lived into the age of man.
8. False dating methods:
All dating methods so far are inaccurate beyond 5 to 10 thousand years.
9. CO2 global warming false flag:
Global warming is part of a natural solar heating cycle and is much less than during the previous warm period over 1,000 years ago.
10. Stellar distance exaggeration:
Redshift measures quasar jet speeds, not quasar speeds; margin of error for stellar distances beyond 500 ly is 100%; relative parallax assumes background stars are not moving, so it's wrong if they are moving.
11. Transmutation:
Transmutation is common in biological systems and in high heat conditions.
12. Hadronic Mechanics:
This is an improvement over quantum mechanics.
13. Photon mass: Mathis & Kanarev:
Photons have mass and spin and act like a fast aether.
14. Sociocracy scientific method:
Conventional science is authoritarian, which is unscientific and thus error-prone.

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