2013-12-18 Christmas present for everybody!
For Christmas this year I decided to give everybody the gift of re-organizing the site, so that nobody can find anything anymore. :D I go to a different grocery store when my current favorite re-organizes, because it's easier to find stuff in a different store than to find stuff in the same store, where everything has been shuffled around. So why did I do this?
Well, it had to be done. We did a bunch of structuring a couple of years ago, but then we kinda just let things evolve, and we amassed a lot more material, and then it became obvious that the existing structure just wasn't enough to keep things from getting scattered all over the place. So it was time for some house-cleaning.
The really cool thing is that with a bunch more material, it became possible to see how it could be structured such that it would be able to handle an indefinite amount of material, without having to be re-org'd again. Now there's a place for every conceivable type of information.
The main restructuring was with the scientific debate section, which gives us a way of itemizing all of the different topics, and all of the different theories within each topic, and all of the arguments, for and against, and the conclusions that we're drawing from those arguments. This lays the foundation for something that Lloyd has been pushing all along — that we should be developing a Library of Scientific Knowledge, containing the state of the art within each discipline. We just didn't have a way of representing the process for building such a thing. Now we do — wuh-whew!

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