Black-body radiation in plasmas
Type:    Journal, Article
Title:    Black-body radiation in plasmas
Author(s):    Tsintsadze, L. N.; Callebaut, D. K.; Tsintsadze, N. L.
Date:    1996/07
Abstract:    The theory of black-body radiation in thermal equilibrium with a homogeneous and isotropic plasma is presented. The relevant thermodynamic quantities of the radiation are obtained. The presence of the plasma changes qualitatively and often quantitatively the concept of black-body radiation, essentially through the effect of plasma density.
Journal (full):    Journal of Plasma Physics
Volume:    55
Start Page:    407
End Page:    413
ISSN/ISBN/DOI:    10.1017/S002237780001895X
Link:    http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?aid=4756452

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