How This Works
In the Watches folder, you can paste links to items elsewhere in the hierarchy. Then you can go to , and opt to receive a PM and/or an email whenever these items change.
To make it slightly easier to remember what kind of page it is, there are 3 sub-folders, for blogs, forums, and articles. But it actually doesn't matter which folder you put watched pages in — you'll get alerted if they are changed.
Note that you cannot create any sub-folders, to organize your watches. And if a watched page has sub-pages, you won't get alerted if one of the sub-pages gets changed. If you want to watch a sub-page too, you have to explicitly paste a link directly into the Watches folder.
If you want to monitor activity in an entire branch of the QDL hierarchy, and you don't want to explicitly designate every page in the Watches folder, you should use an RSS Feed instead.

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