Delete Post(s)
If this is selected, the post will be orphaned (i.e., links to the post will be removed from everywhere else in QDL), and the post will be marked as deleted. As such, the only way to get to it will be to view the QDL / My... / Chipper / Deleted Posts report.
Deleting a post does not delete any sub-posts that it might contain, though they might become orphans if they are not linked anywhere else in the hierarchy.
If the post being deleted has more than one parent, you will be asked to confirm that you really want to delete the post. The following options are available:
  • just cut from the current location — leave the others
    • This changes the action from "delete" to "cut." If you're not sure how the other posts are using this information, this could be the most appropriate option.
  • cut all my links to this post, and give creatorship to [user]
    • In the event that other people have included this post in theirs, this option gives you the opportunity to let one of them take over creatorship of the post. In other words, you don't want to maintain the post anymore, but somebody else thinks that it's useful information, and every post has to be owned by somebody, so you're giving it away. The recipient is whoever has the most links to this post.
  • replace existing links with links to this post's parent
    • Use this option if you're determined to delete the post, but people who linked to it might find useful information at the next higher level.
  • delete from all locations, with this (optional) message:
    • Enter some text into the box if you want to leave behind a breadcrumb. For example, you might want to explain why the post was deleted. This text will appear in place of the deleted link in all of the parent posts.
When viewing the Orphans report, this item becomes Delete Posts (plural), and it will delete all of the orphans. This is the only place in QDL where deletion operates on the children of the selected post, instead of the selected post itself, and it is the only place where multiple items get deleted. This was implemented so that when editing other posts, to delete a large number of items, you can simply edit the parent post and remove all of the links, turning those posts into orphans. Then, in one action, you can delete all of the orphans.

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