Re: Chandler's Solar Corona Theory
Lloyd said:
Why shouldn't we discuss Anything in your theory, instead of just the Corona? On the Mathis' Errors thread we're discussing Anything from Mathis' theory. Or can't each thread starter decide how specific or general to make a thread?
We can discuss anything you like. I just think that comments on a particular topic should be attached to the topic itself. So if you read a section of my theory, then at the end, there are all of the comments on that section — you shouldn't have to root through the rest of the site to find out what people said about that particular section.
But there's another way to go about this — in QDL, posts can appear under multiple threads. So I created a new thread at the end of the Corona paper, and cross-linked just the two posts from this thread that were about the corona into that thread. So we can have this as the general-purpose thread, where anything can be discussed. Then, individual posts can be cross-linked at the end of the sections they discuss.
That will work better if people use separate posts to discuss separate issues. Then the posts can be individually copied to their respective sections.

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