Re: Chandler's Solar Corona Theory

Why shouldn't we discuss Anything in your theory, instead of just the Corona? On the Mathis' Errors thread we're discussing Anything from Mathis' theory. Or can't each thread starter decide how specific or general to make a thread?

Mathis. I think Mathis used the argument regarding the negative charge of the Earth that it's the photonic charge field emitted from the Earth that drags along the "negative" and "positive" ions; otherwise, the electrical theory doesn't seem to account for how the Earth can remain negative for so many millions of years or whatever despite the constant bombardment of positive cosmic ray ions.

Here are some statements from Mathis' Magnetopause paper at http://milesmathis.com/pause.html.

_The Earth's spin makes it both anode and cathode to the charge field [of emitted photons].
_It recycles the charge field, and the charge field drives the E/M field [electric and magnetic fields].
_This explains the genesis of the Earth's E/M field without postulating dynamos in the Earth.
_This also explains why the Earth, like all macro-bodies, often seems to be an infinite well of negative charge [which n]either the standard model nor the electrical/plasma model can explain [].*8898

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