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Metaphysically, Christianity asserts that there are two dimensions: the worldly, and the other-worldly. When we die, we go to heaven, hell, or limbo, depending on how we have acted while alive. God, who created all things, exists in both dimensions. But we consider the "other dimension" to be a redirect that enables The Gate-Keeper Scam. The afterlife is in how we are remembered, and it's in this dimension.
The fundamental mystery of Christianity, as decided at the Council of Nicaea, is that God is simultaneously one and three (i.e., the father, the son, and the holy ghost). The prior origins of this concept are obscure, and some believe the Holy Trinity emerged simply as a compromise among competing opinions at the Council.
But we don't see the utility of dividing God into pieces. He may take many forms, but He does not lose His Oneness in so doing. Similarly, an actress might play many roles, but it is not a metaphysical mystery whether she is one person, or many. We are complex. God is the sum of all complexity, and appears to us in whatever form is the most useful, including (but not limited to) the father, the son, and the holy ghost.

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