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While we consider the principles of Christianity to be laudable, the practice of Christianity takes many forms, and not all of them are good. Once the Roman Emperors got ahold of Christianity, they transformed it, from a kind, gentle, wise faith, into the illusion of goodness covering for ruthlessness. Constantine rallied the troops at the Battle of Milvian Bridge in with his acceptance of the Christian God. This worked so well for him that he issued the Edict of Milan in , decriminalizing Christianity. In , Christianity became the official state religion under Theodosius I. But this was no longer the kinder, gentler faith taught by Jesus, who never rallied troops to the slaughter of their adversaries in God's name. Rather, it had become just another political device serving the ambitions of just another emperor. Ever since then, Popes and the politicians claiming allegiances to them have meticulously violated every single one of the Ten Commandments, for their own greater glory, and without respect for the God they pretend to worship. In this way Christianity got transformed, from an ancient and venerable affirmation of the most basic and wholesome moral codes, to the pretense of righteousness during the pursuit of pure evil. In modern times, some of the most vocal Christians, though in the minority, have given the faith a reputation for hypocrisy. Most Christians are decent people, but there is nothing stopping people from abusing the tolerance and forgiveness that were foundational in Jesus' teachings.

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