• Show Action Menu
    • By default, an inline link (i.e., hypertext in the middle of a sentence) does not get an Action Menu icon (). To edit such posts, you have to click the link to go directly to the source of the information, and edit it there. If the link is the only element inside a block-level element (i.e., div, p, etc.) by default it will get an Action Menu icon (). Either way, you can explicitly force the display of the Action Menu icon () here.
  • Show modified date
  • Show title
    • By default, the title of the linked post appears, but in some cases, such as for "template" material, this is not desirable, in which case Show title should by unchecked.
    • If the title is visible, by default it is the same title as the original post, but you can make the title appear as anything you want by selecting the As typed option.
  • First line of contents on title line
    • Images might have descriptions that have been entered, which you might want to display, in addition to, or in place of, the title of the post.
  • Auto-number

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