Re: Magnetic Striping
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Charles Chandler said:
This model [Shock Dynamics] explains so many details about tectonics that it's an excellent place to start. But an instantaneous event would not create the features that could have only emerged only a long period of time, such as magnetic striping in the mid-ocean ridges.
You apparently haven't really thought that issue through yet. Or at least you're not sharing your reasoning. The striping is observed 2 miles or so above the seafloor, but I don't think it's ever been observed right at the seafloor, except perhaps at drillhole sites. I read once that the magnetic reversal pattern is much different at depth. I don't remember if that was stated as fact or theory. But Walter Brown showed evidence that the reversals are very different on the seafloor, i.e. spotted, probably at drillhole sites. Your theory is that the magnetic field is caused by the positive and negative CFDLs rotating at different speeds over time on average. A large impact could change the speed of the upper CFDL. Could it not? And maybe the speed could increase and decrease over a period of minutes or hours. Further smaller impacts during the main drift event could have had similar effects on upper CFDL speed, I suppose.
There are other things that seem to require rapid continental drift too, like mountain uplift, volcanism, recentness of the Great Flood preceding continental drift, etc. But I won't discuss those for now.

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