The Amarna Letters
Type:    Book, Whole
Title:    The Amarna Letters
Author(s):    Moran, W. L.
Date:    2000/10/31
Notes:    EA68, EA76, EA71, EA73, EA74, EA121, EA88, EA77, EA90, EA118, EA82, EA101, EA144, EA147, EA148, EA189, EA215, EA243, EA246, EA254, EA244, EA299, EA298, EA271, EA284, EA366, EA286, EA287, EA323, EA329, EA330, EA333, EA288, EA289, EA290
Abstract:    An ancient inscription identified some of the ruins at el Amarna as "The Place of the Letters of the Pharaoh." Discovered there, circa 1887, were nearly four hundred cuneiform tablets containing correspondence of the Egyptian court with rulers of neighboring states in the mid-fourteenth century B.C. Previous translations of these letters were both incomplete and reflected an imperfect understanding of the Babylonian dialects in which they were written. William Moran devoted a lifetime of study to the Amarna letters to prepare this authoritative English translation.
City of Publication:    Baltimore
Publisher:    Johns Hopkins University Press
ISSN/ISBN/DOI:    978-0801867156
Link:    http://www.amazon.com/The-Amarna-Letters-William-Moran/dp/0801867150
Link (full):    http://www.bible.ca/archeology/bible-archeology-maps-conquest-amarna-tablets-letters-akhenaten-habiru-abiru-hebrews-1404-1340bc.htm

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