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I am happy to have had added to the team Talbott, Cochrane, and Cardona.  These illustrustious writers are obviously experts on comparative mythology.  I certainly hope some good, healthy discussion comes forth.  I tend to think these people lean very heavily on comparative mythology and less on classical physics.  Cardona brings forward a recent warm arctic past which I need to research, which may corroborate my ideas.  His feeling is that a polar alignment tended to remain for millions of years whereas my ideas reveal a much faster close encounter between the Earth's North polar region and another highly magnetic and electrified celestial body.

I also noticed a shift in the subject writings from an outright declaration of Saturn being the object causing polar heating to a possible brown or red dwarf star.  I like this slight shift in thinking.  Next we must refine how this dwarf star keeps repeating calamity on Earth even during man's short reign.  My obvious reason is that it orbits the Sun like any ordinary binary system.  I hope to convince the team that some binary systems have large separation distances due to their type of capture mode.  And each star of a binary system has its own family of planets that certainly can create instability when the two systems are combined. 

I will be providing some diagrams or pictorials to demontrate my model of how a brown dwarf or possibly one of its planets created the Great Catastrophism 11,500 years ago.

Have a good orbit,

Spaceship Rider

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