While the Blogs are organized per user, and the Teams are organized by groups of users, the Topics folders are organized by subject material, regardless of which individuals and/or teams might be working on them.
As with anything in QDL, if you created it, you own it, and you're responsible for making sure that (at the very least) it abides by the Site Rules. If you want your work to be popular, you should strive to post high-quality stuff (i.e., well written and illustrated).
By default, articles posted anywhere in the Topics folder allow other users to add comments at the end. You can make this more difficult, or even impossible, by editing the Metadata of your posts, if comments just aren't appropriate for the type of article you're doing. If you decide to allow comments, you're responsible for moderating them. Garbage posts should be cut, while decent comments should be integrated into your article. You can also provide for more extensive comments by creating discussion threads. (See Forums, Threads, and Posts for more info.) You can organize articles and threads however you like. Frequently it makes sense to have a folder for a bunch of related articles, and to have a thread for discussing them in that folder also, but that's just one way of doing it.
Due to the powerful and flexible organizational capabilities of QDL, you shouldn't be surprised if things get re-organized every once in a while. Therefore, if you see something that interests you, copy-and-paste a link to it into your Sandbox. (See Internal Links for more info on how to do this.) Links will always work, even if the posts get moved around.
Please note that there will never be a categorization scheme with which everyone will agree, especially at the top level. So the administrator-maintained categories are not to be taken as a statement of the nature of reality that needs to be debated. Rather, they are just ways of making material accessible. You can structure your article in a way that makes sense of reality as you see it, and if others agree, your article will get a lot of traffic. We're just trying to give people a way of navigating large amounts of information. This will evolve, as the amount of material in each category changes, and as the focus of each discipline morphs with the progress.

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