A comparison of differential rotation measurements – (Invited Review)
Type:    Journal, Article
Title:    A comparison of differential rotation measurements – (Invited Review)
Author(s):    Beck, J. G.
Date:    2000
Abstract:    Observers have long measured solar rotation with different techniques and obtained different results. This paper compares differential rotation measurements from four techniques: Doppler shift, Doppler feature tracking, magnetic feature tracking, and p -mode splittings. The different rotation rates measured by the first three techniques are interpreted as rotation rates of solar phenomena which depend on the properties and depth of that which is measured. This interpretation is supported by comparison with rotation measurements obtained from p -mode splittings except for Doppler features. The rotation rate of the plasma corresponds to the surface rate obtained by inversions; the rates of magnetic features correspond to the rotation rate at various depths within the convection zone. Supergranulation rotates at a rate greater than the maximum rotation rate within the convection zone, suggesting that supergranules are not simple convection cells anchored at a particular depth.
Publisher:    Springer Netherlands
Journal (full):    Solar Physics
Volume:    191
Issue:    1
Start Page:    47
ISSN/ISBN/DOI:    10.1023/A:1005226402796
Link:    http://www.springerlink.com/content/wxjkk10j6l5j43g8/

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