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To see the theory you will need to see the pictures; please visit http://subspacescience.weebly.com

The question of the nature of energy is the fundamental question science has been trying to answer. My approach is that energy is actually space, a concentrated space that I call subspace (Trekkie). 

Subspaces are singularity space that have a center and a 1/R size relationship. Drawing circles around the center would have smaller circles of larger circumferences. The distance from the center to the outer edge of the subspace is a wavelength of energy viewed from our flat space viewpoint. From the subspace viewpoint the distance is infinite. This energy is actually a force on the edge of the subspace causing it to grow or shrink depending upon the direction of the energy, the type of subspace. This is a model for dark matter, dark energy.

But subspaces interact with each other stopping their growing or shrinking tendency. This interaction creates matter and light. Gravity, EMF, nuclear strong forces are a geometric result of these subspace interactions. But to see this you need to read my pdf files given for free given at the site listed above and else where around the internet. I gave the rights to distribute, build upon, translate as long as it is non-profit. Please use as you see fit.

I put more in my 400 page pdf philosophy book including showing how the subspaces could be a source of life, the definition of awareness. Read this book at your own risk since I put shocking ideas into it that most people may not want to think about.

Yours David Butterworth

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