Harold Aspden — The Physics of Creation
Chapter 1 Nature's Coded Messages
Chapter 2 Gravitation and the Continuum
Chapter 3 The Ubiquitous Muon
Chapter 4 The Creation of the Proton
Chapter 5 The Law of Gravity
Chapter 6 The Quantum Underworld
Chapter 7 Aether Structure
Chapter 8 Creation: Stars and Planets
Chapter 9 General Discussion
Chapter 10 The Epilogue
Appendix I The Exclusion Zone of Interaction Energy
Appendix II Inertia and E = mc2
Appendix III The Electron's Anomalous Magnetic Moment
Appendix IV Hydrogen as a Star
Appendix V The Angular Momentum of the Solar System
Appendix VI The Hypothesis of Fechner and Einstein
Appendix VII Einstein and 100 years of Wisdom

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