Corporate Edition
Corporate users wishing to keep their proprietary information behind a firewall, and to take full advantage of all of the administrative and developmental features, will be able to host their own QDL installations. QDL runs on Windows, UNIX, and OSX, and will include MySQL (for those who don't already have it installed).
There will be a $100 set-up fee for compiling QDL to run on a specific domain, and the minimum subscription fee will be $100 per year, for a total cost of $200 for the first year, and $100 per year thereafter. Updates will be free. Changing the domain under which QDL runs will require registering a new installation.
The Corporate Edition will come with 5 built-in accounts. Additional accounts can be added at the following rates. There will be no set-up fee for changing the number of users or the account levels.
Additional Corporate Accounts
cost capabilities
Anonymous free read
Registered $10 read/write
Moderator $20 manage content created by other users, create reports
Administrator $30 manage user accounts, use global editing tools
Developer $40 create custom forms, JavaScripts, etc.

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